Casa Del Cocco

I wrote some weeks ago Firewood and Tiramisu...well this is the place that I am referring to. The folks here try to cook as much as possible using firewood and this adds a certain flavour to the food. Casa Del Cocco is the new gem to open up in Taman Desa. Serving fusion Italian with a rustic and homely feel to it, this no frills restaurant has become a fave with many of the Taman Desa folks including myself.

While waiting, a coffee is a must or perhaps a juice. Whatever that tickles your fancy. We've been doing coffee most times.
Some toasted bread and Sauteed Mushroom will be a good idea while waiting for your orders to arrive. Fresh mushroom is sauteed with garlic, white wine and parsley.
plump juicy fresh mushrooms
No harm having some olive oil and balsamic vinegar for the bread too
The following Warm Salad is not on their menu. It came as a special order. Rocket salad tossed with onions, pine nuts and roast pork. Heavenly salad. No reason for anyone to say no to salads.
Pork and pasta lovers can rejoice in the porky offerings. Pork bolognese with tender minced pork in a comforting tomato base. This is a welcome instead of the regular beef bolognese. Do let them know that you prefer the pasta to be al dente as it can be a tad soft for some people. Can't blame Casa Del Cocco as they are a fusion Italian restaurant after all.
The Traditional Carbonara may be a tad light for some however it is actually very flavourful. Bask in Parmesan and Pecorino (sheep's milk cheese) with tasty pork bits thrown in. It can't get wrong!
Tuna and Capers pasta would be a good idea for seafood lovers. The natural salty and slightly tart taste of capers goes really well the tuna and the bits of tomatoes, parsley and olive oil.
Oinky rejoicing continues with pizza. Wood fire baked thin crust pizza topped with mozarella, rocket salad and home made roast pork. A lil like siew yoke but better:P
I've not seen places locally serving Veal Scallopini. Thinly sliced veal and prosciutto cooked in white wine cream sauce is a meaty satisfaction. Again do inform of your meat doneness preference for the veal. Ours came a tad well done or perhaps we took too much time taking pictures:P
I find the folks at Casa Del Cocco rather green. The ambers from the oven at the end of each business day is not wasted. Instead they are put to good use to cook the Pork Shoulder while the oven cools down. Marinated with fennel, herbs and salt, this is a very flavourful and juicy dish. Some may find the outside a tad dry but trust me, the insides are simply bursting in juices and flavour.
 RM22 makes this such a good buy!
 see the juicy pork?
Desserts are a must after each meal. For those who love dessert and do not have an overly sweet tooth must give the following desserts a try. The Baked Pear in Red Wine is juicyy and flavourful. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this would make a perfect end to a meal at Cassa del Cocco. Confession ~ this is my regular dessert at Casa Del Cocco for the last 3 times.
And the Tiramisu with real liquor in it is worth mentioning. It makes a good dessert with the coffee and wine that Casa del Cocco offers.
Looking for a new place to eat? Then head over to this simple no frills fusion Italian restaurant:
Casa Del Cocco
18 Jalan 5/109F
Taman Danau Desa
Off Old Klang Road
Kuala Lumpur.
T +603 7972 3288