Evening of Eyes and Lingerie with Laura Mercier

Couple of weeks back, it was a gorgeous evening of Hors d'œuvres, wine, lingerie and makeovers thanks to Laura Mercier and a pal Don. It was a perfect evening after work that a girl wouldn't complain after a crazy day of work.

I will apologies that there hasn't been much pictures as I have been doing the following:
• having a makeover
• checking out Laura Mercier's latest collection
• catching up with the girls
• picking tips from International Makeup Artist Jodi Riley 
So here's just whatever that I managed to snap or being snapped when I was the subject matter:P
With the girls...note my before makeover look.
I actually rarely use all these products in one go:P
 Not as many as the earlier picture, but we pretty much used all these for my makeover
 That's the first product to be used. And I am still smiling:P 
The beginning of the long process of giving me "eyes".
Yes...don't we all have eyes? I do have eyes except that mine is quite small that when I smile,
you don't quite see any eyes except for that "line"
 The ladies enjoying themselves (some had their makeovers earlier, some still waiting and some obviously came all dolled up)
The babes after their makeover
At least there was one food pic:P
Jodi Riley at work
 Catching up with bubbly Louise. And I have "eyes".
And the many ladies...That's Don in the middle.
The goodies that I brought home thanx to Laura Mercier. See the pink lacy panty?:P