The Formula 1™ Fever is back!

Here we go again. The Formula 1 in a spanking new season. Round 1 kicked off yesterday at Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia. This weekend, the race in at Sepang F1 circuit. And this year could be one of the most anticipated F1 seasons ever with the highest number of past Champions battle it out. Current F1 champion Sebastian Vettel this season will now pit against many ex'es, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Michael Schumacher, Alonso and we see the return of Ice-man Kimi Räikkönen. Or will someone else take the title...

And to soak up the race excitement that is building up, why not head down to KLCC? Check out Petronas' race car for this year. Do say hello to the utterly curvaceous and sexy Mercedes SLS AMG 350 on display.

While you're there, see for yourself the codenamed PETRONAS Suspended Formula 1™ Cars. I kid you not, Petronas Motorsports has actually suspended 2 of their F1 cars at the lobby of the Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS. 
What may look like a simple display is quite a bit of work. Watch the following video:

Need for fun till race day? Have a go at the Speed of Sound game. Its darn addictive. Armed with a mic and earpiece, you try to match the frequency of the sound displayed. Think its easy? Well...its kinda tough at the first go. But trust me the playing does not stop at KLCC concourse since you can play when you get home like yours truly did:D
just a mic, earphones and a computer
amused faces playing it for the first time...
you can also play this at home

While online, you might as well catch the following video too. Race ends, work never. This is something ever so taken for granted. A race is really beyond what you see. Behind the scenes are plenty of work and dedication before and after each race. 

And to stay updated of this season, bookmark the following sites:

For the little blue bird addicts like me, catch up with the latest news using the hashtag #PMGP12 and follow Petronas Motorsports at:

And for some fun facts on the Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix 2012:
• Sepang Circuit is 5.543km per lap.
• The race is 56 laps.

• An F1 car can accelerate from a O to 160kph in approximately 3.5 seconds.
• A Formula 1 driver burns approximately 600 kilocalories and loses up to a litre of body fluid, or 2kg in weight during a race.
• A driver's has a resting heart rate of 60 beats per minute but at key moments during qualifying and the race it can reach 210 beats per minute.
An F1 car can accelerate from a standstill to 160kph in around 3.5 seconds, while the sprint to 100kph takes just 2 seconds.

PS: If you wanna catch Petronas drivers Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg in person, then make sure you're at KLCC Concourse on Wednesday 21st March at 545pm. Cya there!