My Day of Castanets and Cataplanas

A couple of weeks back it was a reunion lunch for me and my fellow Cluckers. Upon arrival, I saw this sitting on my table. Its the castanets. Anyone knows or remembers the castanets? I remember my castanets from my primary school music classes. 
Made of wood and rather easy to play. The castanets are held in the hand and you bounce them against the fingers and palm of the hand. It makes a "clak clak" sound. I remember playing it while the classmates had the flutes etc. And if one dances, then the castanets is actually used also in salsa. Hopefully I get to salsa with the castanets:D

Appetizers and salads for the day before our Cataplanas arrived:
Portugese Salad with a bed of delightful fresh greens, juicy tomatoes, olives
and a drizzle of Portugese Vinagreitte. 
Rich Caesar Salad for those who love a "creamy" option with their vegies. BTW, you may add chicken (whichever flavour you prefer) to your salad orders.
The Peri Starter Pack comes with Peri Wedges and Grilled Chicken Sausage. This time around everything was prepared for us although I think a few of us actually was itching to have another go at cooking our own food like our previous Cluckers outing.

The Cataplanas! This cookware has been used by some inhabitants of the coastal Algarve region of Portugal for its ability to retain flavours and aromas when the clamshell lid is sealed during the cooking process. Originally used in seafood dishes, Nando's Malaysia adds a twist by serving it with chicken and of course its signature Peri Peri sauces.

And...the bibs that we received during our gathering were certainly handy for some of us:P
I opted for the Extra Hot Peri Peri Cataplana Originale. When I opened my cataplana, the aroma of Peri Peri grilled chicken thigh tossed with generous serving of bell peppers, carrots, onions, tomatoes and zucchinis served over a bed of rice. I normally handle the Extra Hot Peri Peri well but tis time, my feathers were ruffled! Its still the same sauce but more is used to keep the rice nice and moist. So my regular Extra Hot Peri Peri had me going red. 

Christopher opted for the Extra Hot Peri Peri Cataplana Porto. Again he too had his feathers ruffled:P The Cataplana Porto is also served in the copper Cataplana. Yummy grilled chicken thigh served with rice and topped with button mushrooms, flavourful black and green olives. This is a must if you love mushrooms and olives. 
Some of us were experiencing flaming tongues coz we opted for the Extra Hot Peri Peri Cataplana. So the drinks that I went through together with my pals were quite plentiful. The Rosa Fresca is a new drink on the menu made of pomegranate, mint syrup, fresh lime juice and Sprite. Remember to stir before drinking:P
Madeira Red has a very vibrant red to it made with lemonade, pomegranate and Sprite. The glass rim is coated with sugar.
The Citrus Bliss is one of my faves made of grapefruit, mint and Sprite.
And how can one not have desserts after a fiery meal? Since I slept only 2 hours the night before, coffee was a must for me. And it certainly went brilliantly with the Caramel Cheesecake and the Lighten Up Chocolate cake.

Head over to any Nando's Malaysia outlet to experience the Cataplana at RM26.90 each. BTW, if you guys want to have a chance at winning yourself some Cataplana, head over to Nando's Malaysia Facebook page and play the fun Open Cataplana game.

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