Quinoa Ragoût

Last Sunday night we opted for something healthy that I could cook at Carmel with minimal cleaning up. I was kind of lazy so a one pan or one pot dish would be the best idea. Looked into the fridge and decided that a Quinoa Ragoût or a Quinoa Stew would be good. And I also call this the Quinoa 100 Stew.

Quinoa 100 Stew because pretty much most ingredients was in 100g or 100ml and I gave my dish 100 points! Hehehe...

BTW, "ragoût" in French refers to a main dish which is a stew. 

• 100g quinoa (I like red quinoa for its vibrant colour)
Quinoa is available at most good grocers and organic shops
• 100g chicken thigh (deboned and cubed)
• 50g ham (optional)
• 100g baby carrot
• 100g russet potato (which is actually 1 potato)
• 100g brocolli
• 1 ripe tomato (use more if you love tomatoes)
• 1 teaspoon chopped garlic
• 200ml water or chicken broth
• 100ml red wine (optional)
• Black pepper, oregano and rosemary

• Saute garlic, chicken and ham together with the black pepper, oregano and rosemary. This looks a tad reddish as I am using Red Palm Oil.
• Add 150ml water or broth, carrots, potato, quinoa and tomato. Add more water or broth if necessary to cook the quinoa.
• Cook till potato and quinoa softens.
• Add brocolli.
• Add red wine when the brocolli softens.
• Serve with love!
Quinoa is low gluten and rich in protein making it a good replacement for those who don't wish  to carbo load. Its mild tasting with a nutty flavour. This is also a comforting meal for weekends or rainy days. If you like a slightly soupy stew, then add more stock or water.

I used ham and wine as I was in the mood for a bolder flavoured stew. Most days, I am contented with regular chicken stock that I make with chicken ribs and carrots or the packed ones that you can get from good grocers. The current one that I am using is from Opika Organic. I think its about RM15.20 after discount.

PS: The Opika Members Card offers you 10% discount at the restaurant and upto 30% at the supermarket. Its at RM50 for a year. However it is now RM50 for 2 years if you sign up before 30th March 2012.

The Red Palm Oil and Quinoa that I used are available at Opika Organic which is one of my fave spots to shop and eat since I am currently working on a project in One Avenue next door. Read about my  post on Opika Organic here.