Remember 126

Remember 126. Of course I remember! How does one forget a place with such a name. We've driven pass this place many times (almost monthly after my weekend drives) but I never tried it out until I was out with my furkid kakis and they suggested this place. 

We were famished after our day out with the furkids at Bentong Animal Sanctuary. Wait time was 30 minutes since it was a full house even at 230pm. But the wait was worth it. Food was good and of course the company that I had was priceless!

Food time and rice is not optional. It is a must! 
I will always say yes to vegies. Some call me a cow..well in every sense a cow according to the chinese zodiac:P. A must have when one visits Kampung Bukit Tinggi would be watercress 西洋菜. Stir fried with only finely chopped garlic, this simple preparation allows one to taste the fresh crisp taste of the watercress. 
The watercress is rather addictive and I was actually keen to order a second serving but held back as I wasn't too sure whether my lunch mates shared my crazy love for watercress. Our second dish of home made tofu with minced meat must have been the Kitchen God hearing my cravings. The tofu was served on a bed of watercress! If you love tofu, then this dish is a must try. Its creamy and soft, almost baby food that you can just swallow without chewing!
beautifully creamy tofu
I mentioned that rice is a must. The steamed assam fish is a reason why the rice is a must. The sourish and slightly spicy assam gravy is simply enticing. Fish was steamed just right and it remained tender. without any muddy taste that is generally associated with tilapias. Second helping of rice anyone?
Omelettes are simple lovely food for any rice meals. The bitter gourd omelette was simply perfect. Even none bittergourd eaters happily dug into this dish. Fluffy egg with thinly sliced bittergourd. Nothing overly bitter...just perfect!
I am not sure why we ordered another dish of vegetables but it was no regrets. Stir fry baby french beans some crunchy fried dried shrimps making it simply favourful. This is actually one of my fave dishes whenever we eat at Kampung Bukit Tinggi. This place however serves it so well because it is not oily unlike many places.
So on your next visit to Kampung Bukit Tinggi or after a trip to Berjaya Hills do hop by the restaurant Remember One Two Six. Such an interesting name...
Remember One Two Six Restaurant
PT3347, Kg Bukit Tinggi
28750 Bentong, Pahang