Shopaholic Alert: IKEA sale is here!

Shopaholic alert sounds a wee wrong but everyone turns into a shopaholic at IKEA. Afterall, there is always room for home improvement. And if you're working (like most of us) then take emergency leave or half day leave (I am taking half day:P).

The sale is between 8th - 25th March 2012. And those who are IKEA friends, hop over at 7am for the sale preview! After all early bird catches the worm and in this case, the early IKEA friend gets the best goodies. And if you an IKEA friend like us, you get to buy items at special prices.

I am heading in too at 730am! Here's my list of to buy:

• BILLY book cabinets to accommodate my growing book collection and hubby's collection of DVDs and magazines. Comes with a door so no worries my getting my books dusty. We're choosing white as we have a couple of cabinets that we bought 10 years ago from 9 years ago from IKEA which were white.

• A LEKA soft toy ball for Shalom
• FLÖRT Remote control pocket to keep hubby's TV, DVD, Sound System and whatever remote that he is happily throwing all over the coffee table now. Reminder to self to buy another for my in laws who have just as many remotes as my hubby.
• GRÖNSKA Shower curtains to give the bathroom a new look.
Since we're still driving our wedding car for the moment since the paktology (dating) car is being grounded, I'll leave the delivery to IKEA for a fee of RM55 within Klang Valley. Yes, it is RM55 instead of the usual RM65 till 25th March 2012. 
For IKEA friends heading in on the 8th of March, there's additional special priced items. Spotted anything that you like to buy? 
PS: Not an IKEA friend? There's special priced items and discounts too for none IKEA friends during this sale!