Mother's Day Giveaway with Bloom2U

Mummies are naggy. Mummies are long winded. Whether naggy, long winded, grumpy, mother's are special. Mother's day is pretty much round the corner and thanx to the folks at Bloom The Floral Shop, I will be choosing one of you as the winner of a flower cake worth RM120. 
You get to win this flower cake worth RM120 for your mum!
Hmmm...the flower cake is not edible. It is basically a form of floral arrangement. 
Loved this pretty flower cake of lilies that I received for my birthday this year
All you need to do is:
• Pop over to Bloom the Floral Shop's FB page and write your greeting to your mum on the flower that I have uploaded. Nothing fancy. Nothing bombastic. Something simple that you would utter to your mum. That's all!

The contest closes at midnight Wednesday 9th May 2012. Delivery is only to Klang Valley. However, this is really not a deterrent factor because if you really want to win the flower, you would give it a shot. Win the flower (have it delivered to you) and then you make the trip home and give that to mummy in the state that she is staying in. The RM120 savings can then be used to get mummy dearest another gift or treat her to a little meal.

And please...mothers aren't really limited to your own mother. I can count the ladies who make awesome mothers in my life in someway of another. Let's see. There is my own mummy, late god mum, grand ma in law, Aunty Selina, Aunt Mei...the list is long. So who do you think you wanna win the flower cake for just hop over to FB and write your greeting down. Write 10 if you have 10 women you wanna win it for (unfortunately there will only be one winner)

Remember...head on to this link:
In case you're wondering who is Bloom The Floral Shop? They are an online florist at They also operate at 3 places:
• C13, The Intermark 
T: +60321611616
• LG17, Empire Shopping Gallery 
T: +60356321228
•LG25, IPC Shopping Centre
T: +60377224429
Visit them online or physically for your flower or decor needs. All 3 outlets are special in their own way with pretty flowers (fresh and artificial) and definitely very quaint decors. I unfortunately have been very smitten with many of the soft toys and have been exercising great discipline in not purchasing any to add to my collection of 69 softies...but at the rate that things are going...its gonna be quite soon before one of the softies follow me home.
my faves are always simple flowers
I definitely have room for this fella on my bed
 And much room in my handbag for these fellas
Frames to dress up the walls
 Bloom The Floral Shop @ The Intermark

Ming Kee Char Siew ~ Jalan Alor

Ever since Ming Kee Char Siew moved out of Changkat Tungshin some years back, I hardly visited them in their new spot. So today, thanx to KL's awesome Friday jam, we decided that we should just save ourselves the hassle of driving back to office and opted for Ming Kee Char Siew. 
It is still charcoal roasted goodness. Flavourful and oozing with juice (and fat) the way I like my char siew especially when it is lightly caramelised at the end. Coupled with a  plate of steam chicken for a complete meal. Not the best steam chicken in town but certain better than many shops.
This time I was greedier (working hard to maintain my current weight), we ordered the pork noodles next door. No innards as hubster does not touch them. Still the noodle came rich and porky. A very satisfying meal on a Friday afternoon. I think this stall uses minimal MSG because I finished the soup and wasn't getting the MSG overload thirst.
To wash everything down and also to refresh your palates, the Ambarella juice (kat chai sa lei in Cantonese) (kedondong in Bahasa Malaysia) is a must try. At RM4, this is pricey but trust me, the shop serves it nice and thick. 
How to find Ming Kee Char Siew?
• It is inside Restoran Reunion Seafood (last shop on your right before the Nova Hotel)
• It is nestled at the right side of Jalan Alor.
• It is beside Hotel Nova and opposite Wong Ah Wah (WAW chicken wings)
Pics taken with my new toy HTC One X

Salwagyu Dinner

I have been eating quite a bit of grilled salmon fish head and beef teppan recently around town. Having eaten enough (I had to tell myself it was enough and burnt quite a bit in the wallet), I took up the challenge of actually cooking up something similar but with the usual twist that happens in Carmel's Kitchen. And we have a new dish Salwagyu.

Since I am not the most imaginative person with names, I've decided to name this new dish Salwagyu. And in case you wonder why salwagyu? 
Salmon + Wagyu = salwagyu

Bought a frozen salmon fish head and learnt that it takes at least 3 hours to thaw the little fella! The head was vacuum packed so that helped out a lot as I could soak it in a bowl of water without losing its goodness.

Grilled Salmon Head
It was only one head, so I wasn't too keen to set up the fire and grill it the traditional way. Resorted to using my faithful oven to do the grill job. Quite a gamble as I have not done any grilled fish with the oven but I have to say I am pleased (very pleased actually) with the final results. It tasted very much like how we have it at Fu Rin or Ishin...
crisp skin
flaky and juicy flesh
• salmon fish head
• salt
• oil

• Thaw and clean the fish head.
• Marinate with salt for 15 minutes (you could marinade longer but I was too hungry to wait any longer).
• Apply a little oil over the skin of the fish.
• Place fish head on a grill in the oven, Place a tray at the base to catch the oil etc.
• Grill fish in the middle tray of the oven at 250C for 15 minutes.
(reddish / orangish colour is from the red palm oil that I use for my cooking)
• In the last 5 minutes, reduce temperature to 150C

Beef Teppan 
I don't have a hot plate like the Japanese restaurants but I have reliable woks, pans and more pans. So here's my version of" beef teppan".
• 250g of beef. I chose wagyu as we have extra from Dennis' birthday dinner (read it here)
• Salt and pepper

• Cube beef to 2.5cm x 1.5cm or bigger (whatever size you like)
• Heat up pan.
• I do not use any oil as the wagyu is "oily"enough in its own way.
• Saute the beef.
• Add in salt and pepper to taste. Keep moving the beef.
• Cook for 5 minutes if you like it medium rare.
Basically for the side dishes, I cooked whatever I could find in the fridge.

Side vegetables
• Corn kernels
• Cucumber
• Tomatoes
• Mixed spices with salt
Preparation 1:
• Steam corn kernels. 
• Saute with some butter and add salt to taste.
Preparation 2:
• Grind the mixed spices and salt. Today's mix was black pepper, cumin and mustard seed.
• Cut tomatoes into 1/8 and cube the cucumbers.
• Saute the tomatoes with some olive oil. When it softens, add in the grounded spice and salt mix.
• Add in cucumber and cook for a minute of 2 to the softness that you prefer.
Since we were on a fusion Japanese dinner, we had dinner with some of the Umeshu that our Japanese neighbour gave recently. The sweetness of the wine certainly went well with the salty grilled salmon fish head and rich wagyu teppan.
• You can grill the fish while cooking the vegies. The beef should be last.
• This entire meal cost me RM180. Half a fish head (or known as one eye and one cheek) generally cost me RM50++ at the restaurant.
• On lazy days...I will still pay and eat at restaurants. Cleaning up the oven isn't too fun:P


When someone mutters the word Lameeya, most of us would think of of Lam Mee. Not exactly wrong since Lameeya does serve Lam Mee. However, what I liked most about Lameeya is its variety of food. This is a place not just for Lam Mee enthusiast. Its for the whole family and my fave part about this place? The food at Lameeya taste home cooked. 

No need to travel all the way north for Duck Egg Char Kueh Teow. Lameeya serves them yummy enough here. With enough "wok hei" and plenty of duck egg, this is a wow dish here. And when one plate came with my request of "extra spicy please", I give this dish a perfect 10!
One is technically not right if one visits Lameeya and not check put their Original Lam Mee. Fat yellow noodles in a rich broth, This is definitely a comforting taste that the folks at Lameeya has  pieced together well too. 
I love chee cheong fun as a general rule. And at Lameeya, I wasn't too sure whether I liked the Mushroom with Mince Meat Cheong Fun or the Pickled Chili and Sweet Sauce Cheong Fun. Both tasted good is their own way. And if I had to choose...I think I will resort to my usual "inky pinky ponky, father bought a donkey..." solution. Hubster liked the Mushroom mince meat one and perhaps its because we have not found many places that whips this one out well unless we make a trip to Ipoh itself.
Mushroom with Mince Meat Cheong Fun
Pickled Chili and Sweet Sauce Cheong Fun
I started off and mentioned that I loved the home cooked goodness at Lameeya. The following dishes should self explain.

Stewed Pork with Potato is a dish that reminded me of my grandma's cooking. Tender pieces of pork cooked in dark soya sauce with thinly sliced potatoes is a dish good enough to be eaten on its own. The gravy was rich with the meat flavour and was an awesome match with Lameeya's Steam Rice or Lard Steam Rice whichever way you love your rice.
A perfect dish for kids...and adults alike:D
Fluffy steamed rice with a generous serving of pork lard. Old fashion rice!
The Salted Steam Chicken has a light herbal taste with dong guai. Nothing over powering and with added ginger strips for some ooomph. Some keichi or better known as goji berries lend this healthy dish a little sweetness that compliments ginger and dong guai. up the goji berries! They are good for your eyes.
I love a good meal of Pork Leg with Vinegar especially when they are sour and gingery enough. This is a good reason to carbo remember to order an extra bowl of rice when you order this yummy dish.
I remember Steam pork with Dong Choy as one of the few dishes that granny cooked whenever anyone of us is recovering from an illness. I supposed the pork was to build our health back but I believe its more because of the very appetizing taste of dong choy (preserved radish)
Whenever my sister in laws undergo their confinement, one of my fave dishes from their menu is Ginger and Wine Omelette. Fluffy omelette cooked with rice wine and sliced ginger. Do not mistaken the egg for being oily. It is actually wet from the wine.
Love eggs? Then the Steam Egg Trio is a dish that you must order. Creamy and soft, this is a proof of Lameeya's efficient kitchen hands.
If you crave for a one pot dish then the Barbecued Rice with Char Siew, Chicken Char Siew, Chinese Sausage and Pork Liver Sausage is a good idea. Have it on its own or accompanied with any of Lameeya's slow boiled soups.
The slow boiled soups are lovely. We tasted the Watercress Soup and ABC Soup. The ABC soup stood out with an added sweetness from the use of ikan bilis (anchovies) in addition to the pork and chicken.
Watercress soup
ABC soup
Yummy anchovies added into the soup for extra yumminess
And of course, eat your vegies! Choose from regular stir fries or opt for this very appetizing okra with minced chilli.
choy sum
When visiting Lameeya, do give their 100% pure juices a try. Freshly squeezed juice to quench your thirst or perhaps to catch up with your vitamin intake, these are very colourful and yummy juices. My fave is actually the Bittergourd  and Cucumber which has detoxifying qualities.
Some healthy ones that we had: Ambola / Preserved Plum, Lychee and Watermelon
Pineapple, lychee and celery, Carrot, celery and orange
Chestnut and Lotus
What's a meal without desserts? Cakes glorious cakes and of course their decadent Banana Crepe. Do allow some time if you order the Banana Crepe as this is made only upon your ordering. The cakes are all made by Lameeya's central kitchen.
Belgium forest
Chocolate moist
Vanilla raspberry
Oreo cheese
Banana crepe
Check them out:
• Damansara Uptown
45G and 47G, Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama
T: +603 7725 9513
• One Utama
LG 333A New Wing
• Empire Subang