The Apartment

Its been some time since I ate at The Apartment at The Curve. And I had a good laugh when I realised that dinner was going to be at the very same table that I had sat on the last 5 times. It does not matter whether it is 4 of us eating or this round 10 of us...I always ended up at this table. Dinner this round is partially from the promotional menu for April "The Chef Series: The Unlimited Flavours Of The Ocean Part I" and the regular menu. 
It was an appropriate and definitely a perfect start with the Amuse bouche. Served in a shot glass with a delightful piece of fresh oyster with limo and mango. A little tangy. A little spicy. It was simply appetizing and pretty much set my stomach juices on full force for the coming dishes.
There was something rather local tasting and comforting in the Baked Squid Stuffed with Herbs Rice, served with Okra and Seafood gumbo. It tasted a tad like the gravy from a gulai asam pedas cooked with squid. Perhaps it was a combination of the tanginess and okra in it? No complain on the squid as it was just right. Nothing chewy like eating rubber as we have encountered in some places. The rice was fragrant with a light flavour of refreshing lemongrass.
Pan Fried Red Snapper with Couscous and Lemon Butter was a safe dish. Nothing too exciting but again its a matter of preference since I don't quite fancy red snapper when there is cod lurking in the menu:P
One of my fave for the night from the regular menu would have to be the Almond Crusted Cod. Loved the nutty crust that complimented the richness of the cod. Cooked just right, the cod was nice and flaky. Served on a bed of very appetizing tomatoes and clams, this plate was wiped clean very easily and quickly. A must try!  
Surf ‘n’ turf also from the regular ala carte menu is a good idea for those who want both meat and seafood. I did particularly enjoy the mash and the sirloin steak. They certainly didn't go wrong with the medium rare request. 
Another interesting (and new) from the ala carte menu for those who want some local flavours would be the English Lamb Curry. This is a brilliantly coloured dish of slow braised lamb served with special briyani, egg, carrot raita (yoghurt) and cashew nuts.

Pasta madness hits and we had 3 types of pastas from the regular menu. Like it al dente? Inform your waiter that you like your pasta al dente and it will come out just fine. Prawn Capellini featuring tiger prawns, lemon zest, garlic, olive oil and marjoram. Safe dish and good for those who love prawns.
I love my pasta spicy or tangy. At The Apartment, the Tossed Pasta with sautéed chilli, garlic, coriander and basil went well with my taste buds. The waiter conveyed our request for extra spicy very well to the kitchen. Yummeh.
My all time fave pasta from The Apartment is Jamie’s Duck Pasta. Fettuccine topped with a generous amount of shredded slow-cooked duck and tomato red wine ragout makes this a perfect reason to dig  into carbo and more carbo. Tossed with some toasted pine nuts, this dish is a simple happy dish for me.
No matter how stuffed one is, there is always room for dessert. Brulee and Buah Melaka from "The Chef Series: The Unlimited Flavours Of The Ocean Part I"
order it if you want something creamy and sweet
Loved this dish and I score it 9 out of 10 because of the very fragrant and generous amount of gula melaka inside each of these chewy green balls. 1 point taken off because it was served with coconut slices:P. Its just my quirkiness because I don't take to sliced or dessicated coconut.
More room for cakes...and it also means a sugar rush for all of us.
Banana layered cake
(Signature) red velvet cake
Raspberry chocolate mousse cake
Chocolate mousse
Homemade carrot cake with mascarpone cream & carrot syrup
This is my fave dessert from The Apartment ~ baked chocolate pudding served with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream. Cut it up and inside is a hot lava of chocolate. And its brilliant with the hazelnuts 
(This is one of the reasons why I have eaten this dessert 9 times 
- yes I have a collection of 9 photos for this dessert)
Feeling too full? Well opt for coffee or tea. They soothe your tummy and actually is a perfect ending for any meal.

coffee complete with coffee art
or a good cuppa tea
The Chef Series is available everyday:
• 11am onwards at The Apartment Suria KLCC 
Lot G48 and 139 Ground Floor and 1st Floor
Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 2166 2257

• 6pm onwards at The Apartment The Curve
Ground Floor, Western Courtyard
The Curve Shopping Centre
Mutiara Damansara
T +603 7727 8330