Thursday evening and a makan session with pals after work is good. Throw in some cocktails, beer or even a milkshake and some food, its another happy hour. For the folks in Solaris Dutamas area or for those who like a place with ample parking, then Comida is the place for you.

A couple of cocktails to celebrate and mocktails for some since it was almost the end of the week but yet to to be the end of the work week. There's also beer if you like one:P
Spanish Fiesta with milk, pineapple and Monin Coconut syrup shaken with ice 
Tropical Punch with orange, mango and pineapple
Cranberry Margarita ~ the boys asked if I wanted Cranberry instead of the usual one. Its Thursday, a margarita is good, cranberry or otherwise:D
Tapas is good for happy hours and seriously, I like them a lot during the little chit chat sessions with friends of when I am having some of my own time out with a good book. Breads are really quite optional but they come in handy when there is a good gravy. At Comida, the lightly toasted breads made good company for the Prawn and Aubergine. The home made plancha sauce is rather addictive that even when we finished the prawns and aubergines, I was happily dipping more bread into the slightly tangy and spicy sauce. 
Sauteed Mushrooms consisting of fresh oyster, button and shitake mushrooms sauteed with garlic  and olive oil is a must for mushroom lovers like me. Mushrooms were cooked just right to reveal the sweet earthly taste of mushrooms.
Pizza time and when we took our first bite, hubster and I knew we will be back for some pizza here with our car boys and girls (love the location since the boys can eat, chat and admire their cars).
Peppershrooms with beef pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, onions, olives and mozzarella. This was hubster's favourite of the pizzas we had that night. I think it also had something to do with the home made sauce for the pizza.  
Like a few options instead of a few pizzas? The simple solution of Quattro Stagioni with quarters of 
Beef Pepperoni, Turkey ham, Mushrooms, Olives, Mozzarella topped with lots of Comida's signature home made pizza sauce. I obviously happily nibbled at the olive quarter:P 
This Pesto Rocket Chicken with a generous topping of chicken, rocket leaves, and home made pesto sauce is a favourite of mine. 
BBQ Chicken with chicken, BBQ sauce, onions and Mozarella cheese. 
My fave for the night is Hell's Pizza with beef pepperoni plus lots of my fave jalapenos, chili flakes, Mozzarella cheese and Comida's home made pizza Sauce. This is not exactly the most fiery pizza that I have eaten but it certainly had the intense flavour that I was craving to have.
Pretty and fiery!
Not enough carbo? Well have some pasta and do let kitchen know if you like your pasta al dente. The Creamy Pesto Prawn was indeed creamy though I would have preffered the pesto taste to be more prominent. No complaints on the prawns. They were succulent:D
Craving something meatier? Check out the burgers at Comida. The folks make their own meat patties and burger buns, so expect some happy homely taste to it.
Bacon Burger with a 200g beef patty and beef bacon
Cheese Burger features a 200g beef patty, and Cheddar cheese
This Comida Burger would my choice burger for the night. 200g beef patty topped with some delightfully sauteed mushrooms. 
We're stuffed but heck, there's always room for dessert. I prepare some room by having a cup of soothing hot Earl Grey. Some opted to coffee while others chatted to prepare room for the desserts. Chatting burns calories!
Earl Grey Tea
Coffee art is available for your coffees at Comida.
Desserts...have them as soon as they arrive. The cold must be eaten cold. The hot must be eaten hot. So quickie pictures will do!
Crème brûlee 
Comida De Postre with a lovely baked puff with hazelnut chocolate, filling peanut butter and vanilla Ice Cream. Decadent and I wished it was some crunchy peanut butter:P

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