Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funk Party @ The Pool KL

It was a night of orange when party goers and of course singe malt whisky lovers  gathered at The Pool, for Glenmorangie's very first Orange Retro Funk party. Aptly held at the latest night spot in town on a Friday night, it was a perfect end to a work week.
I managed to catch up with the pals and had plenty of of refilling from the Glenmorangie Zest Serve, a sculptural serving stand which creates an infusion of orange zest with Glenmorangie whisky since we were basically almost smack next to it. Caught up with pals and fellow Spyder mate Kuah Jenhan won the best dressed award for his funky orange assemble. You have to give it to him that he actually made the effort to dress up even though he just got back from Melbourne.
The night was abuzzed with lots of activities. Pretty ambassadors went around with their iPad to unveil Glenmorangie's Facebook page. Check it out at Prizes were given out for guests who answered questions that witty Will Quah whipped out. Music set the mood for a perfect Friday night as Daikanyama’s resident DJ and the backbeat of Deer Society – Alex Asquared. With a steady flow of Glenmorangie single malt flowing through the night, it felt like an extended party celebration for my hubby's birthday:D
And if you have missed that funky Glenmorangie Orange Night then look out for another not to be missed opportunity to familiarize with all things ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’. Come 11 April to 1 May 2012, Glenmorangie’s SOUNDFORM Fluid bar will be showcased in the North Atrium of The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City. Whether you are a single malt aficionado, a fan of contemporary design or just plain curious, head to The Gardens to catch the SOUNDFORM Fluid, which is a striking yet sculpturally functional illustration of Glenmorangie’s ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’ concept.
This vivid coloured piece of art was created for Glenmorangie. It "was conceived as a concrete visualization of the wavelength generated in pouring a liquid into a crystal glass”. Designed as a sculptural piece for the launch of Glenmorangie Scotch Whisky in Taiwan & China, the 
SoundForm FLUID is the result of a research on how sound can be transformed into a tangible object. By recording the sound created by the pouring of liquid into a crystal glass, the designer created the object with the help of the resulting sonogram recording. The complex compound curves of the design were carefully finished with powder coating in 2 different colours.
A snippet of other pictures from the night:
reliving our "atas" and "takung air" moments. Hehehe...Umei and I have nice biceps eh?
caught up with David Yee of Life Inspired again
2 of my fave boys Jason and Andrew. Thanx Andrew for the pics...
Birthday boy Benjamin had his own whole bottle. He of course shared it with the rest of us:D
 smiling happy faces...