Introducing IKEA UPPLEVA. IKEA's new product dubbed to be an all in one entertainment. Huh? And that was my first expression. I thought it was a hoax or a prank. But its true. I see it on their Swedish website too. I obviously don't understand Swedish but there is something called Google Translate:P

The UPPLEVA was showcased at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan Furniture Fair). It is basically a hybrid home entertainment system which includes TV, Blu-ray, radio and Internet functionality all embedded into a furniture. With such functions, hidden cables and one remote control to drive all that function, I certainly wouldn't mind one in my living room. 
UPPLEVA will hit the European stores beginning June 2012. The cheapest model is expected to start at 6,500 Swedish kronor (USD960 or RM2,950) including 5 years warranty, I certainly wouldn't mind one if it reaches our Malaysian shores. From the video, there seems to be quite a few models, though I kinda like the last one that they showed best. Its kinda ol skool:D
I like this ol skool the most:D