Missyblurkit's Wagyutastic Steak

We picked up the package and head off for Carmel's Kitchen. All wrapped in white. Not exactly a nice wrapper for a birthday pressie but who cares? The hubster is more excited with the contents:D In it is 1kg of Blackmore Ribeye Wagyu and my task was to cook it for him. 
Rather crudely wrapped pressie eh?
The contents is what matters
Cooking a steak is perhaps the easiest thing to cook. And its a quick yummy meal that I can actually prepare in under 15 minutes.

• Asparagus  and baby carrots
• Garlic, Black pepper and salt
• Steak
• Can of Campbell minestrone (I was kinda lazy to cook a soup)

(1) Side vegetable
• Slice asparagus. Chop garlic.
• Saute garlic. Add in baby carrots. Follow with asparagus.
• Cook asparagus and baby carrots to your desired softness.

(2) Steak
• Make sure steak is thawed to room temperature.
lovely marbling
• Immediately before cooking, sprinkle salt and black pepper. That's really all you need and AFC Celebrity Chef Adrian Richardson affirmed it when I attended his cooking demo (read it here).
• We love our steak medium rare. So a slice of 200g approximately 1" thick cooks just nice on 2 minutes one side and another minute the other. If you have a meat thermometer then medium rare is approximately 45C or check it out with the "finger test". Read more here.
picture taken from
• Serve with love:D

(3) Soup
• It does not take a rocket scientist to cook a can of soup. So empty contents into pot and heat up. Do follow instructions on can:P
Simple dinner under 15 minutes...
Happy burpday hubster!
 medium rare and juicy...oooolaaaaaalaaaaa