Mother's Day Giveaway with Bloom2U

Mummies are naggy. Mummies are long winded. Whether naggy, long winded, grumpy, mother's are special. Mother's day is pretty much round the corner and thanx to the folks at Bloom The Floral Shop, I will be choosing one of you as the winner of a flower cake worth RM120. 
You get to win this flower cake worth RM120 for your mum!
Hmmm...the flower cake is not edible. It is basically a form of floral arrangement. 
Loved this pretty flower cake of lilies that I received for my birthday this year
All you need to do is:
• Pop over to Bloom the Floral Shop's FB page and write your greeting to your mum on the flower that I have uploaded. Nothing fancy. Nothing bombastic. Something simple that you would utter to your mum. That's all!

The contest closes at midnight Wednesday 9th May 2012. Delivery is only to Klang Valley. However, this is really not a deterrent factor because if you really want to win the flower, you would give it a shot. Win the flower (have it delivered to you) and then you make the trip home and give that to mummy in the state that she is staying in. The RM120 savings can then be used to get mummy dearest another gift or treat her to a little meal.

And please...mothers aren't really limited to your own mother. I can count the ladies who make awesome mothers in my life in someway of another. Let's see. There is my own mummy, late god mum, grand ma in law, Aunty Selina, Aunt Mei...the list is long. So who do you think you wanna win the flower cake for just hop over to FB and write your greeting down. Write 10 if you have 10 women you wanna win it for (unfortunately there will only be one winner)

Remember...head on to this link:
In case you're wondering who is Bloom The Floral Shop? They are an online florist at They also operate at 3 places:
• C13, The Intermark 
T: +60321611616
• LG17, Empire Shopping Gallery 
T: +60356321228
•LG25, IPC Shopping Centre
T: +60377224429
Visit them online or physically for your flower or decor needs. All 3 outlets are special in their own way with pretty flowers (fresh and artificial) and definitely very quaint decors. I unfortunately have been very smitten with many of the soft toys and have been exercising great discipline in not purchasing any to add to my collection of 69 softies...but at the rate that things are going...its gonna be quite soon before one of the softies follow me home.
my faves are always simple flowers
I definitely have room for this fella on my bed
 And much room in my handbag for these fellas
Frames to dress up the walls
 Bloom The Floral Shop @ The Intermark