Salwagyu Dinner

I have been eating quite a bit of grilled salmon fish head and beef teppan recently around town. Having eaten enough (I had to tell myself it was enough and burnt quite a bit in the wallet), I took up the challenge of actually cooking up something similar but with the usual twist that happens in Carmel's Kitchen. And we have a new dish Salwagyu.

Since I am not the most imaginative person with names, I've decided to name this new dish Salwagyu. And in case you wonder why salwagyu? 
Salmon + Wagyu = salwagyu

Bought a frozen salmon fish head and learnt that it takes at least 3 hours to thaw the little fella! The head was vacuum packed so that helped out a lot as I could soak it in a bowl of water without losing its goodness.

Grilled Salmon Head
It was only one head, so I wasn't too keen to set up the fire and grill it the traditional way. Resorted to using my faithful oven to do the grill job. Quite a gamble as I have not done any grilled fish with the oven but I have to say I am pleased (very pleased actually) with the final results. It tasted very much like how we have it at Fu Rin or Ishin...
crisp skin
flaky and juicy flesh
• salmon fish head
• salt
• oil

• Thaw and clean the fish head.
• Marinate with salt for 15 minutes (you could marinade longer but I was too hungry to wait any longer).
• Apply a little oil over the skin of the fish.
• Place fish head on a grill in the oven, Place a tray at the base to catch the oil etc.
• Grill fish in the middle tray of the oven at 250C for 15 minutes.
(reddish / orangish colour is from the red palm oil that I use for my cooking)
• In the last 5 minutes, reduce temperature to 150C

Beef Teppan 
I don't have a hot plate like the Japanese restaurants but I have reliable woks, pans and more pans. So here's my version of" beef teppan".
• 250g of beef. I chose wagyu as we have extra from Dennis' birthday dinner (read it here)
• Salt and pepper

• Cube beef to 2.5cm x 1.5cm or bigger (whatever size you like)
• Heat up pan.
• I do not use any oil as the wagyu is "oily"enough in its own way.
• Saute the beef.
• Add in salt and pepper to taste. Keep moving the beef.
• Cook for 5 minutes if you like it medium rare.
Basically for the side dishes, I cooked whatever I could find in the fridge.

Side vegetables
• Corn kernels
• Cucumber
• Tomatoes
• Mixed spices with salt
Preparation 1:
• Steam corn kernels. 
• Saute with some butter and add salt to taste.
Preparation 2:
• Grind the mixed spices and salt. Today's mix was black pepper, cumin and mustard seed.
• Cut tomatoes into 1/8 and cube the cucumbers.
• Saute the tomatoes with some olive oil. When it softens, add in the grounded spice and salt mix.
• Add in cucumber and cook for a minute of 2 to the softness that you prefer.
Since we were on a fusion Japanese dinner, we had dinner with some of the Umeshu that our Japanese neighbour gave recently. The sweetness of the wine certainly went well with the salty grilled salmon fish head and rich wagyu teppan.
• You can grill the fish while cooking the vegies. The beef should be last.
• This entire meal cost me RM180. Half a fish head (or known as one eye and one cheek) generally cost me RM50++ at the restaurant.
• On lazy days...I will still pay and eat at restaurants. Cleaning up the oven isn't too fun:P