Tea Infused Dishes at Zuan Yuan

Tea infused dishes sound exotic and I didn't know what to expect since my experience with tea in food was pretty much lui cha. Over the week I experienced some lovely and very healthy tea infused dishes at Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant in One world Hotel. It was a gastronomic adventure for me since it wasn't merely tea being used to replace water as many would have thought. In China tea in infused into food for a lighter and more refreshing feel especially when the temperature soars e.g. summer.

A cup of tea as soon as I arrived...
The first course was Zuan Yuan Speciality Platter. This is without tea used otherwise one could well be getting an overdosed of tea infusion:P Both looked delicate and colourful paced over thinly sliced cucumber and carrot. Beyond decoration, these 2 thinly sliced vegies are nutritious and one of our lunch partners ate hers up as well.
I started off with the "fried ball". It wasn't oily and when I cut it open, inside was a filling of smooth yam and scallop. This is wow food. I have always been smitten with Zuan Yuan's yam dishes/ (weeks back I had some yummy Taro Wu Kok at Zuan Yuan). Topped with mango and roe, this is a good start to my lunch!
Pretty colours too right?
Up next is the smoked duck with some glass noodles. Firm and slightly silky glass noodles has a slightly spicy taste to it. This worked out well for me as it gave a refreshing twist to the smoked duck which is naturally salty. Again the smoked duck has me mesmerised like it did when I had it with the Steamed Wild Rice and Glutinous Rice with Mushroom and Smoked Duck at Zuan Yuan (available from their regular ala carte menu)
What's a meal without soup? We were served the Double Boiled Shark's Fin Soup with Pear and Chrysanthemum Flower. One could smell the aromatic chrysanthemum a few feet away. Since it was served with shark's fin which I do not eat, hubster had 2 bowls of soup to himsel. And if you do not eat  shark's fin, fret not! Zuan Yuan also serves Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Pear and Chrysanthemum Flower which is equally as delightful!
 Generous ingredients of black chicken, pear and shark's fin
Tea Smoked Chicken was fragrant. There is something very appetizing about smoked food. The magic ingredients that made the smoked chicken so appetizing is a mix of tea leaves and rice. Though it wasn't salty enough, it certainly was very flavourful. The smoked taste had penetrated the flesh of the chicken. Yummy!
I personally love the mandarin oranges on the side. Sweet and juicy, it actually complimented the chicken well beyond adding colour to this dish.
 Pink juicy moist meat. 
One of my fave dishes for the day was this seemingly simple Braised Fresh Beancurd Skin with Baby Spinach Infused with Jasmine Tea. 3 of my fave ingredient ~ fresh beancurd also known as fuchuk, baby spinach and of course an all time favourite jasmine tea. This dish is not overpowering with the Jasmine tea flavour and perhaps for some, it may be a tad light. I bit into some of the tea leaves when I ate the spinach and it has this slightly bitter but a delightful kind or bitter taste. Very flavourful. The fresh beancurd was smooth and beanie flavourful. I certainly wouldn't mind another serving of this dish that I deem a "happy dish". 
The Stir Fried Prawn with Long Jin tea is a must try for those who love seafood. Plump juicy prawn with the delectable Long Jin flavour stir fried with some ginger, mushrooms and sweet, crunchy snow beans. Lovely!
The Fried Udon is not part of the Tea Infused Menu. But this is a plate of udon goodness fried with enough wok hei with seafood.
A meal is only complete with desserts. Staying close to the tea infused theme, we are served the Green Tea Cake. I love desserts but I do not have a sweet tooth. And this is one cake that I actually happily ate all by myself. Lovely layers of cream between the very rich green tea cake. The plus point of this cake is that it is not overly sweet. Thus one whole slice on my own!
The tea infused menu by Chef Michael Chew happens throughout the month of April 2012 for lunch and dinner. Opt for the set menu at RM98 per person or choose from the ala carte menu.

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