We Not Naughty

I am not naughty. So who is naughty? Caught the movie We Not Naughty last week with a bunch of pals. I would term it a comedy and definitely a movie for the family. Perhaps a predictable story line but it is a good reminder to us on what is really happening in our Asian society.
Unfortunately its pretty much a typical commercialised Jack Neo style of movies which includes a huge amount of product placement (but done in better taste than some local movies that I caught last year). I've not watched all his movies but the similarity is style and direction are rather staple. Not much improvement or difference from I Not Stupid, Ah Long Pte Ltd and Money No Enough 2. However as mentioned, it has a good moral so really this movie is a good to be watched for us to learn a lesson or two.

2 rebellious college students. One comes from a well to do single parent family and the other from a complete family of a mum, dad and 2 sisters with dad working as a taxi driver. Despite their family differences, these 2 boys are the best of friends. How does one end up being a runner for the gangster? Does the other friend end up being a runner for the gangsters too? What can a lecturer do for such kids? Is there really anymore dedicated lecturers?

Some good points that I noted from the movie:
• A happy family is important. This is beyond happy in a material way. many times parents busy themselves with their career and assume that children are happy and contented with merely material gifts such as the latest mobile phone or watch.
• Children are more independent than parents know. Thrown into a situation, they are actually pretty much capable handling themselves and even running a family.
• The brightest student still has her or his own insecurities. This very child can also be a victim of school bullies.
• Lowly ranked schools or colleges does not mean the students are dumb or stupid.

There's quite a bit more. But let's not spoil the movie. Watch it and "note" them yourself. Have a good laugh along the way as well. Here's a trailer for you:D