2 More Weeks...

Its exactly 2 weekends more to race weekend at 9th and 10th June 2012 at Sepang. Yes, that's my 12th year of watching the Super GT in Malaysia. Here's a video of why I love it so much...loud and hot. Gets my adrenalin racing and a good reminder that I am alive!
video by the Nissan folks

Pics and posts from my last 2 years (I started dabbling with cameras in 2010):
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•  Super GT Fever
Super GT 2010 - sun and babes (4 wheeled ones)
Super GT 2010 faces (mostly babes)
Keiichi Tsuchiya
And for those who have yet to buy your tickets, this is a call to grab your tickets and join me at the hottest race of the year. A daily lucky draw for ticket buyers. I am eyeing the D5100 which I wouldn't mind as another toy this year:D
Mohd Fikri won a Samsung TV during the official and charity launch at BV2
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