Antinori Wine Dinner at Nerovivo

A very pleasant mail came through and it said Italian wine and dinner on a Thursday night. So off I went braving the wet Thursday jam to Nerovivo. Parking wasn't an issue and I was soon happily nibbling on some breads and white wine in the very cozy and chic Nerovivo. Lots of laughter as everyone caught up with each on the week's happenings. 
A very much welcomed mail on Monday arrives with the delicious invite.
We're all comfortably seated, I nibble a little more on these very addictive breads among my dining partners for the night.
For our starter, a nice chilled Santa Christina Bianco 2010 is served with Tiger Prawns and Scallops Samtimbocca served with Cannellini Bean Purée and Tagiasche Olives Pesto. 
 Light and fruity with lovely hints of citrus and pears, this is a bottle of white I would enjoy after a day of work or a light seafood salad.
Juicy and delightful seafood (I would have loved having 2 scallops and 1 prawn though). A slight and definitely refreshing twist to the usual samtimbocca preparations with a prosciutto wrapped veal.
I can't help but share this picture of the scallop (I love scallops)
Service is relatively fast at Nerovivo despite the huge crowd the night. Kitchen deserves a pat on their back! The 1st Entrée is Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms and Parmesan Flakes paired with Antinori Chianti Classico Peppoli D.O.C.G 2009.
A sexy deep ruby with light touch of vanilla with the sweetness of ripe berries. 
You know a good risotto when you see one. This is one lip smacking good risotto. 
Cooked just right, nothing mushy or soft. El dente yet flavourful and interesting with the 
tender mushooms, I ate every grain and not wasted any. At one point my dining partners thought 
I didn't like it since I was slow in eating it. The truth is I am a slow eater (very slow to be precise) 
and it didn't help I was nursing 2 ulcers on the tongue and inside the throat:-(
It was a wet Thursday evening and nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing Garganelli with Lamb Ragout, Fava Beans and Pecorino Cheese as the 2nd Entrée accompanied with Rosso Toscana Villa Antinori 2007
I would have to say this is my fave red for the night. Deep red ruby and fruity with a little hint of tannin yet it was still a smooth finish with an oaky finish. 
Comforting lamb ragout with tender hand rolled garganelli is a hearty meal on its own. It may taste a little gamey for some but for me, it was an all in one balanced dish. The idea of pecorino cheese just made it brilliant. Nothing beats cheese made of sheep's milk!
To make a choice between having a pan seared tuna loin or beef tenderloin was easy. I opted for the Roasted Goulburn Valley Beef Tenderloin with Truffle Potato Gratin, Green Asparagus and Wind Reduction Paired with the Guado Al Tasso Villa Antinori 2007.
 Intense ruby red with a clear taste of berries. A hint of sweetness with touches of vanilla and spice that went brilliantly wit my choice of beef tenderloin.
 A pretty dish that with a gorgeous play of colour. No bitter taste from the asparagus...awesome! A perfect potato gratin, crisp on the outside and simply melts in your mouth with the rich earthiness of truffles. The beef was juicy and certainly at its best. I was happy enough to eat it on its own sans any sauce for accompaniment.
Ulcer or not, the beef was too good to be wasted and I ate every ounce of it.
I admit that I was actually very filled after the dinner. But the usual works of a girl, there is always room for dessert. Classic Tiramisu with Coffee or Tea. And being an Italian dinner, one fine way is to end the dinner with a grappa.
Grappa Santa Cristina served in a tulip shaped glass as Italians always do. Crisp and slightly fruity, 
it was a good end to my heavy meal at 10pm. Hmmm I am thinking, where can I get Grappa served with coffee? I had this when I was in Melbourne and absolutely loved it!
 Nerovivo is never boring. An interesting presentation of the classic tiramisu.
Creamy and definitely wasn't overly sweet. Had it been a regular night,
I would have loved to add a shot of Kalua or rum.
Most still chatted way after dinner and so did I and the girls. Pleasantly, I thought dinner was awesome, I can go home a happy girl. I was in for a suprised. In this little brown bags were gifts for us. Some Aesop products were in it. Happy? I was very happy thanx to the folks at Muihua and Nerovivo.
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Some none food pics that must be shared to show everything else that contributed to a perfect dinner.
A cozy and chic Nerovivo
 Dinner is not just food and drinks. There's some story telling and jokes by Jacopo Pandolfini
Very charming Jacopo
Chef Paolo Petris who worked with the kitchen team to ensure a flawless dinner