Bento @ Ishin Japanese Dining

I've been smitten with Ishin since it opened. Its near enough that I can take a leisurely 15 minutes stroll form my house and even when we do drive over, parking is a breeze. park on my own or their in house valet does it for us. More so, its the food that has not failed me. Our latest food escapade at Ishin is yet another lip smacking thumbs up session. 

And before I forget, I love ordering food at Ishin. Not the traditional paper based menu (though it is available for people who love the good old fashion feel of paper) but on an iPad. Before you dismiss it as what's so unique? Fact is they were the first restaurant in Malaysia to have their menu on an iPad 2 years back complete with pretty pictures of the yummy food.
One of my all time fave must haves at Ishin is always the Tuna Tataki Salad. Crisp fresh vegetables with perfectly seared thick slice of tuna. Opt to add on the wasabi sauce or eat it on its own.
 pretty pink seared tuna
Chicken wing lovers or for that matter gyoza lovers must give the Teba Gyoza a try. Its your favourite juicy chicken wing stuffed like a gyoza. An assortment of stuffing including chicken, chive, scallion bounded together inside teh well marinated chicken wing.
 glistening skin on a plump chicken wing
 say hello to the flavourful plump stuffed chicken wing
Preferring a slightly more lavish tempura, we ordered the Soft Shell Crab Tempura. Golden batter coats the soft shell crab perfectly and is not the thick sickening eat flour style.
I am always game for a good meal of lamb. We take up the suggestion to try Ishin's specialty of Lamb Kukuni. It is undoubtedly simmered till its flavourful but can prove to be a tad gamey for some folks.
The above are just appetizers for Mel and I. Our dinner seriously begins with our bento sets of Hanami Bento and Haru Bento. Each set is served with a hot chawan mushi and bowl of shijimi miso soup. Fluffy creamy egg with an assortment of jewels within.
The Hanami Bento comes in a pretty tiffin that I wished was for us to take home:D A varied of goodies fill the individual compartments including sashimi, shioyaki, sushi, somen and edamame. My fave in this set has to be the artichokes that we relished to our heart's content.
 Pretty platter of fresh yummies.
 Tri coloured somen. Simple and delightful.
Next is what I call the 3 storey bungalow bento set known as Haru Bento. Love the red edged black wooden box. Again I wish I could take the carrier home.
Within this carrier is an assortment of sashimi, teriyaki, tempura, baked oyster and gohan. The gohan is good so if you're not about to carbo load, forget the idea...this is fluffy satisfying starchy rice!
Looks a lot but I am not sharing it with anyone!
Ishin's air flown sashimi is always one of my main highlights in y meals at Ishin.
Both sets are served with the current in season sakura ice cream. Defitely not sweet but simply creamy and lightly tangy with the beautiful flavour of plums. Eat it slowly and you'll find a gem inside:D
And while you're at it, Ishin is coincidentally once again one of the sponsors for the coming Super GT on 9th and 10th June 2012. Hop by on Sunday 3rd June from 6pm to 7pm to dine with the Super GT queens Toshimi and Lushan. All you need to do is to like Ishin's Facebook page and share the the following picture from their Facebook page on your wall. Simple!
Ishin Japanese Dining
No 202 Persiaran Klang
Batu 3 3/4
Off Jalan Kelang Lama
58000 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 7980 8228