Glenmorangie SOUNDFORM Fluid Bar

The SOUNDFORM Fluid bar was unveiled at The Gardens in Mid Valley last month. Designed by renowned architect and interior designer Philip Michael Wolfson for Glenmorangie, it was inspired by the sonograph reading of the sound of Glenmorangie whisky being poured into a crystal glass. Bold jagged edges are covered in a black aluminium finish on the exterior, while the golden orange interior, which mimics the colour of Glenmorangie, is lit up to create an aesthetic, visual counter balance.
And with the unveiling of the SOUNDFORM Fluid Bar, a bunch of us were treated to perfect Friday night. Glenmorangie Ambassador Ben Ng led us in an informal whisky tasting session of 3 Glenmorangie Single Malt Whiskies - 10 years Original, Lasanta and Astar. 
This was the highlight of the night for me as it has been a year plus since I last attended a whisky appreciation session led by an expert or for that matter had a discussion with anyone on whisky. It is such moments that I wish my whisky partner in crime was based in Malaysia.
We started with Glenmorangie The Original, 10 Years Old. This is a regular in our home recently thanx to a Christmas gift exchange from a pal. The Original is a beautiful yellow gold liquid. Fruity with hints of vanilla, this may be a tad dry for none or new whisky drinkers. Still, it makes a delightful night cap for me after a long day at work:D
My fave of the 3 whiskies for the night is actually The Lasanta though most of the guests actually preferred Glenmorangie Astar. The deep red gold speaks of the bolder taste. I loved the warm feeling that it gave. Spicy with some hints of chocolate and nuts when taken neat. Interestingly when a little water was added, it had hints of sweet raisins. 
The Glenmorangie Astar is no longer in production and many of the guests relished every bit of the Astar when it was served. Had I not tasted The Lasanta, I definitely would have fallen head over heels over this sunny yellow liquid. Fruity to the nose, it is silky smooth in the mouth. Sweet with flavours of peaches, pears and apples, this is an easy drinking whisky.
Undeniably "unnecessarily well made", all 3 Glenmorangie whiskies certainly gave us an adventure in taste and aroma. The fun did not end with the whisky appreciation session. It was Friday night and the folks at Glenmorangie treated the guests to an all night free flow of Glenmorangie whisky during teh after party at Vertigo. The crowd pretty much danced the night away with US DJ duo Manufactured Superstars who spun a steady flow of house, dance and electro pop.
free flow all night long!
perfect Friday night to dance away the week long of working blues.
US DJ duo Manufactured Superstars 
Do check out for updates and campaign. You may be joining the next session of fun like my previous night out during the Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funk Party @ The Pool KL.