Greek Mediterranean Buffet @ Eccucino

I love cheese, olives and olive oil. When I checked out Greek Mediterranean Buffet at Eccucino, I was pretty much smiling from ear to ear. It was a sumptuous affair and more so it was definitely authentic as guest chef George Diakomichalis and his kitchen team were flown in to prepare the food. And if a fourth generation Greek chef trained in Kalymnos, Greece isn't enough, we had the company of Greek diners nodding and smiling their approval.

Check out the spread...
The khoriatiki salata (Greek country salad) naturally got my attention as soon as I walked towards the buffet fare. Yes I love my salads especially when its colourful and served in a wooden bowl. Crunchy and colourful like a fresh Mediterranean garden. I took a couple of servings of this very refreshing salad of cucumber, onion, tomato, olives and feta cheese.
Melitzanes aromatikes is a brilliant dish of roasted eggplant with olives. Tangy and flavourful. 
 Another of my fave vegie okra in a sweet sour preparation known as bamies psimenes.
 Tuna nicoise tartlets wth spicy pepper aioli
 A haven of marinated olives "elies marinata" that I lost count on how many I actually ate.
And another haven of feta cheese. There is something simply addictive about feta cheese. Perhaps because it is made of goat or sheep's milk? Good to be eaten on its own, or spread it to some breads of toss it with the salad and drizzle some olive oil over it.
Truly Mediterannean, there was a selection of olive oil whichever you fancy.
Mussels  salad
Very tasty Shrimp Salad with a good bite and additional flavour from the black sesame seeds.
 I had no intention to carbo load but I fell to the temptations and calling of the pilafi me melitzanes ke domates (eggplant and tomato pilaf). Fluffy long grain rice well flavoured from the spices and broth.
Pan fried crab cakes with corn salsa, chipotle and lemon dressing. Never much of a crab cake fan but this was good. I taste the sweetness of the crab meat and it went well with the corn salsa which I took quite a bit to eat with the egg plant and tomato pilaf too.
Corn salsa, chipotle and lemon dressing is very invigorating. I will be making some of these
very soon for my salad nights.
Prawn saganaki (prawn and hotpot). Creamy and a little tangy, best eaten when its hot. A must have for prawn and cheese lovers.
Stewed chicken with tomato sauce
Ortikia tis skhara is one very addictive grilled quail in skewers. Well marinated and slightly sweet, it will have you eating off every lil bit of meat off the quail and start nibbling on the bones!
The lamb souvlakia is also another addictive dish from the night. Tender pieces of grilled lamb with green and red peppers. Very well marinated without much tell tale signs that it was lamb.
This is oven baked chickpeas (revitha tou fournou) is a simple and tasty dish. 
Seared salmon fillet with pesto beurre banc and sun dried tomatoes.
One of the most comforting dish of the night would have been the beef stifado. Tender pieces of beef in a rich tomato base. Good eaten with the breads or oven roasted potatoes with paprika. Of course it was good enough to be eaten on its own too!
Oven roasted potatoes with paprika
Yiro - slices of marinated lamb, beef, chicken or mutton stacked on a vertical split and roasted. 
Yiro served as a sandwich ~ stuffed into pita bread with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and yoghurt.
I was told that I must try the Fasolatha which is often considered the national dish of Greece. A bean soup with a generous amount of vegetables and olive oil is a tasty rather similar to minestrone or as one of my dining partners calls it, dhall with lots of tomato!
This plain looking Moussaka is my fave for the night. 
Hidden under the light crisp potato is a layer of creamy mashed potato with eggplant,
tomatoes and minced beef. Hearty meal if taken on its own!
Not too sure what this dish is called but its a mash of fish, yogurt and chopped vegies. The sliced gherkins make it even more appetizing.
Dolmades is a classic Mediterranean dish of stuffed vine leaves filled with rice, meat,
pine nuts and herbs. 
Loukoumades that Chef George made on the spot. Its sometimes called a Greek doughnut and tasted very addictive with the honey and cinnamon drizzled over it.

Finikia (walnut shortbread with citrus honey)
Koq (custard filled shells with chocolate ganache)
Baklava is sweet but its highly addictive. Layers of sweet pastry with a filling of nuts and sugar syrup. We were given a demonstration on how to make baklava which I will share in a separate post soon.
 Rizogalo is a creamy rice pudding with hints of citrus and cinnamon.
The Galaktobouriko is surprisingly not as sweet as I expected the custard filling to be.
Chocolate coated almonds that are super addictive. So good that I took quite a few rounds...and a little bit more as I walked out:D
The highlight of the drinks that I had for the night was Ouzo. Ouzo is crystal clear with an intense aroma of aniseed, liquorice, fennel and eucalyptus. It is apparently served prior to a meal. Semi sweet, I thought it made a perfect end to a full meal rather than before a meal:P
Take it neat (I loved it so much that I had quite a few shots including my hubby's).
Or take it a little lighter by adding water or ice to it. When you add water to it, it will turn cloudy as my dinner companion discovers.
In case you want a taste of other flavours, Eccucino has also included other regular items from their regular buffet menu.
 From the top: Thai style deep fried sea bass with spicy and sweet sour sauce, Sayur lodeh, Yong chow fried rice, rendang tok and Poached tiger with tong kwai
And the question, what does one do after eating so much? One dances and burns off the calories so that one can eat again! We were treated to a Greek traditional dance by some of the Greek guest. Looks fun. I would have loved to join them if not for the camera in my hands. LOL.
The Greek Mediterranean Buffet happens at Eccucino from the 10th of May till 20th May 2012. Hurry and get a taste of authentic Greek Mediterranean flavours!
RM98++/pax for adults.
Children under 12 complimentary. 
Lobby floor of Prince Hotel and Residence KL
Jalan Conlay
Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 2170 8888
And because it is buffet, the question is how much did I eat? Hehehe