Iwate Ramen

The ramen cravings continued for quite some weeks. And since it was my birthday on a fine Friday 13 and I need time on our own with hubby, we decided to check out Iwate Ramen that I heard about In Hong Kong. Apparently this place had quite a queue even before it opened. Sounds good? Well we only know when we try it.

Walked in at 8pm. Place was half full. Many happy faces smiling over their food. I quickly order (hungrylah). Food is relatively fast but presentation was horrible:P They sank my egg. Yes it is a sin to sink my eggs or even attempt to sink them especially when they are good looking 8 minutes eggs! Hehehe.

Hubby's Char Siew Ramen was good one. Rick porky broth with flavourful tender pieces of char siew. The flavoured egg is perfect. See the slightly runny yolk and soft whites? 
Egg in a spoon because it had partially sunk into the soup when they served us our food.
I wanted the Special Iwate Ramen but they didn;t have it. So I settled for another Special....the Special Spare Ribs Ramen. I can't tell what is the difference between special or otherwise but one thing for sure, they were very generous with the soft spare ribs. I recall having about 6 pieces of good chunky meats. Every piece is well marinated and tender. The egg is perfect but alas another case of sunken egg that kinda absorbed some of the broth.
Partially sunken egg:D
Sunken eggs or not, Iwate Ramen deserves a mention on their yummy flavoured egg. Slightly runny yellow and soft white, they are quite addictive and I will recommend you order extras!
Served piping hot, goodness of the rich porky broth is quite irresistible. Being a soupy person, I pretty much slurped up almost all of the soup in my bowl.
I am a slow eater and before I eat, I have the worse table manners called "Let my camera eat first". The waitress was worried and urged me to eat quickly least my noodles turned soggy. However, Iwate Ramen passed the test! Done with salvaging sunken eggs, taking pictures, slow chewing and a long call with Mummy dearest ensuring her that I am having noodles and eggs for my birthday meal, my last bit of noodles were still nice and springy. Apparently their noodles are imported from Hong Kong where their first shop is.
So head over to Iwate Ramen if you're game for some good flavoured eggs and springy ramen:
Iwate Ramen
23 Jalan Radin Bagus
Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 9057 4909

I am not sure why Mummy insist that I eat noodles and eggs on my birthday. Something to do with longevity? I seriously don't know. Neither does my mum. When asked, she says "Just do it". 
Have you guys heard of the eating noodles and eggs for your birthday?