Labour Day Picnic

I should just call it Labourer's Day picnic. Technically on labour day, all labourers including yours truly should be in bed resting or doing our own stuff and chill. Instead, I ended waking up at 7am to prepare for the morning's picnic. It was a good thing that I baked the treats for the furkids (whom I call furmasters and furmistresses) the night before, failing which the morning call would be 6 a.m. Slaving over the stove to cook the bacon and eggs isn't exactly my idea of fun early in the morning (Pardon my drama queen mode).
Hot as it was yesterday morning, we managed to get our regular spot with plenty of shade. We brought treats for the furkids and of course brekkie for the humans. Pictures? Hmmm I only managed to snap the food I prepared from home. Was too warm to even think of snapping other food pics. I do remember some home made muffin goodness, char siew pow, Seremban siew pow, egg tarts and nyonya kuih. A couple of folks hung their iced coffee from the tree branches. 
very yummy sun dried tomato multi seed / grain bread with bacon and eggs
(I'll share the no brainer recipe soon)
nice smelling but very bland tasting furkids treats made with free range chicken, organic goats' milk, flour, tomatoes, rosemary and parsley.
Hot as it was, the furmasters and furslaves were the least disturbed. The had their share of butt sniffing, and marking. Some played fetch with their fave balls...Dang it is very hot and tiring work to throw the balls again and again. Or in my case, chasing after Shalom who has spent the morning chasing after Coco. It was a case of mistaken identity as Shalom thought her soft toy Brownie at home (curly haired soft toy dog) has come alive.
Coco the poodle
All in all, it was a fun morning out. We lasted till 11 a.m. since the sun was seriously making us all sticky. The good laugh we had among ourselves the slaves and of course seeing the happy faces of our masters and mistresses was well worth waking up early and sacrificing our Labour's Day rest.. How did you spend you Labour Day?
butt sniffing
Cleo wants to play more "fetch"
everyone chilling in their own style
Roco the Malinois and Sei Weng with their game of fetch while Yoyo waits for her turn
Lilian with Miley (her darling rescued mongrel), Tyrus and Tori
Love birds Oli and Jo
Sei Weng and Rocco play bite. This is not a game for all dogs. Rocco is trained to "play" bite and release. So please do not attempt this on your own with any of your dogs.