Labourer Sandwich

Still in a slightly drama queen mode...thus the name Labourer Sandwich. A simple and very hearty sandwich which I made for a picnic on 1st May for our Labour Day furkids picnic (read it here). And before you start raising your eye brow that I fed this to the furkids, I should know better than to serve the dogs salty and oily food. The furkids had their own treats which I baked.

• A loaf of bread (I opted for Gardenia's Passione Italiana for its sun dried tomato and seeds goodness)
• Bacon
• Butter or mayonnaise
• Lettuce
• 3 Eggs
• 6 tablespoon of Milk

• Fry bacon. No need oil since the bacon is actually oily enough to cook in its own fat. 
place bacon on a single layer for it to cook evenly. move it as it shrinks and put in more slices of bacon.
• Fry till lightly crisp.
• Drain excess oil from the crispy bacon on  kitchen towels.

• Lightly beat egg, milk and pepper to taste. I omitted salt as I would be frying the omelette with the bacon fat.
• Cook egg till the bottom is firm. The top of the egg would be soft.
• Roll egg up and slice (I sliced into 7 pieces to prepare 7 pieces of sandwiches.

• While waiting for bacon to cook, butter bread.
see the bits of sunflower seeds and sun dried tomatoes?
• Layer with lettuce
• Layer with egg
• Layer with bacon
• Topped with lettuce and another slice of bread. 
• You can add mustard or ketchup if you like, but I opted to keep it plain since I wasn't sure how my guests like their sandwiches.

You can prepare this immediately before a picnic or even to pack to office for your breakfast or lunch. The bacon will turn a little soft but its still delish. Add some cheese and sliced tomatoes to make it heartier. 
Okies...the real name is Farmer Sandwich from my Farmer series which thus far only has Farmer's Blanket (read my post dated 27th January here). So which name do you prefer?