Lai Thai Market

The hubby was craving for some good Thai mee siam like how mum makes it. We couldn't think where in KL could we get it so called kaki makan Jo. She wasn't sure either but told me that if I am craving Thai food and seriously good ones, then I should hop over to this place Lai Thai Market. So off we went with her instructions to look for this place Lai Thai that she promised me good Thai pork noodles.

It wasn't tough to find the place with her instructions. I was taken aback that the place was really small and no frills. Stepping in, I knew I was in the right place. I knew I was in for some seriously good Thai street food and I mean seriously unadulterated Thai street food.

Didn't exactly know what to order I looked around at what the patrons (all Thais were eating). I was glad that what they ate did look similar to the pictures in the menu and wait for my order. While waiting I explored the lit shop which housed a Thai sundry shop. Jo had reminded me to check out the chiller. Bravo! I spot what I loved most. The black Vita Soy and an awesome maximus assam drink in glass bottles. These are the drinks I went gaga over whenever I visit Thailand!
this is where you can grab your drinks. Everything is from Thailand!
Service is relatively quick. My pork noodles arrive first. I spot 2 pork balls, lots of beansprouts and water spinach (kangkung). I mix it up and am pleasantly pleased with the sight of some good chu yao char (pork lard), liver and pork. Tasty and comforting with my all time fave smooth kueh teow. Add on a dash of fish sauce to make it taste better.
Hubster's green curry with the noodles arrive shortly. Flavourful and spicy with a generous amount of meat, egg plant and basil. Beware the little green fellas are not peas! I love liver so I have no complains but the poor boy was picking up every piece of liver he could find and plonking them to my bowl. I have no complains since I get to eat more!
The young papaya salad also known as Som Tam is prepared on the spot. Check them out as they make it only upon order. A mix of some magic sauce, dfish sauce, dried chilly, young papaya, long beans, tomatoes, peanuts, dried prawns makes this a brilliant appetizer. The whole mix is pounded and mix well. And if you love peanuts, you can add more on your own from the set of condiments on the table. Crunchy and definitely spicy it was quite addictive. I love the crunchiness of the whole mix although I suspect some may find it too hard:P
ingredients are all pounded to allow the vegies to absorb the sauces 
and I believe to soften the long beans.
I saw some brownish looking sausages. Curious with how it tasted, we ordered a plate for single person since hubster wasn't too adventurous about it. Pardon the bad picture (my phone was down to 3% battery when I shot this picture). With hints of spices yet its not hot, this delicious pork sausage goes really well with my pork noodles. Its just as good to be eaten on its own.
And in case you're adventurous enough to replicate the sausage as at home, well just buy a pack of the sausage mix complete with the sausage casing at Lai Thai Market and grab some minced pork from your market and you can wow your guests or family with some seriously good Thai sausages.
The boiled eggs that we ordered with hubster's green curry never arrived. I suspected they probably missed due to our language barrier. It is a perfectly boiled egg and certainly goes well with the papaya salad. I tried it also with the Northeast Thai minced pork.

Rather full but being greedy, we ordered the Northeast Thai minced pork with some sticky rice. The rice is firm and lightly salted. It was a brilliant accompaniment to the minced pork that was tangy and spicy. Let me rephrase it as "rather spicy". What is known as minced pork is rather deceiving. As I dug into the contents, I realised it was really a mix of minced pork, liver and intestines. Yummy!
a rather addictive sticky rice. tasted just as I remember them in the streets of Thailand
gorgeous play of colours and flavours
One gripe...they don't serve dessert. So I resorted to finish off my meal with yet another yummy Vita Soy. And while you're here, do remember to check out their Thai groceries. Amazing selection including an assortment of sauces and noodles.

There are 5 more items that I need to try from the menu and I should be back real soon. Its real Thai street food and I reckon I should be back there a few days time! 

Lai Thai Market:
AG-3, Block A, Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13, Section 17
Petaling Jaya