Porkilicious Brotzeit

Nothing beats a good meal of meat and washed down with cold beer. This is a perfect combo especially after a day at work though I think its just as good even if its a weekend!

So on a couple of random weekdays, I was at Brotzeit's outlets in Sunway Pyramid and Mid Valley at 7pm (don't ask me why 7pm...perhaps that is a normal dinner hour?) all geared up for some porkilicious goodness and of course some good bubbles. Was there early (as usual) and started on my all time fave Affensoft ~ Weissbier with mango juice. If you don't like mango, you can also opt for banana. Mine is always mango! With the goodness of beer with a mango twist to it...addictive!
A must have everytime at Brotzeit
And that's not the only bubbles...choose from the assortment available. I like the colours all lined up together. Available in 4 sizes, Klein(0.3L), Halbe(0.5L), Mass(1L), and Trophy(3L), choose what fits you best though I am very much looking forward to doing the 3L one of these days with HB with a whole pork knuckle between us!
From left to right: Original Munchner Urtyp (lager bier), Hefe - Weissbier (wheat bier), Dunkel Hefe - Weissbier(wheat bier) and Original Munchner Dunkel (dark lager)
Love meat? Then a must have with the beers would be the Schweinshaxn (Pork Knuckle). A sinfully good piece of real meat with a crispy skin that makes a brilliant cracking sound when you bite into it.  Go beyond the skin and you will say hello to juicy and meatilicious swine goodness. Served with potato salad, sauerkraut with knuckle gravy on the side, this is a dish to be shared!
Nürnberger or Grilled Pork Sausages with Sauerkraut and Mash is a must if you're eating alone. Call me crazy or simply hungry (I need to feed a colony of worms inside my stomach), but I love a good dish of sausages. I'm good even without the mash since I am a sucker for sauerkraut. Nothing beats the taste of tangy cabbages eaten with some salty and very flavourful sausages.
On one occassion, I took a bite (maybe two) of Leonard's dinner. Cheese Spatzel with Beef Goulash. Comforting with gooey creamy cheese and egg dough bits, its worth carbo loading on this. Not exactly on their menu in this combination, so you'll need to inform the waiter on your "special" need.
Good for sharing whether you order large or regular would be Brotzeit's (signature) Brettljause (Cold Platter). Presented prettily on a wooden board (I love food served this way) with an assortment of cold cuts served with obatzda cheese, eggs, green bell peppers and gherkins served with a selection of breads, perfect accompaniment with the beers!
Feast on the glorious selection of hams
The cold platter is rather delightful with a dab of mustard
I love the Riebenschmalz (Bacon Spread). Its so good with the bread that its a sin to not clean up the bowl. Glorious bacon mixed with apples and onions, this lil dish packs satisfaction to the max.

Don't want to feel guilty? Eat up the cucumbers, onions and cherry tomato used for garnishing:P
Rich and orgasmic
And if you think Brotzeit's all about meat, then you're wrong. The folks here strike a good balance with their menu offerings. Check out the meat free pizza. BrotzeitfladeSpinat (Spinach Pizza) is a thin crusted pizza topped generously with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, feta cheese, vine ripened tomatoes, baby spinach, onions, garlic and button mushrooms. Once you start, you can't stop!
Of course if want something green and healthy, then the Meeresfruchtesalat or Seafood Salad is a must order. I do recall this being on our table almost 80% of our dining experiences at Brotzeit. If you order large, be prepared that it comes large good enough to feed 4 regular folks generally unless you're me (i eat a lot more than my 5' frame looks that it can store).
Smoked salmon, perfectly seared tuna, prawns, sun dried tomatoes, olives, grilled zucchini, sweet juicy orange wedges and sour cream tossed with house dressing. 
Another salad option would be the Backhendsalat. Toss the salad with crispy chicken fillet, potato salad, sun dried tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumbers and pumpkin seed oil together with the house dressing for a gratifying none pork bite. Personally, the Meeresfruchtesalat or Seafood Salad tops my list since I generally prefer seafood over poultry.
No matter how the tummy is stuffed with food or beer, there is always room for dessert. I am not much of a sweet tooth but the White Crispy Chocolate Lava Cake is my kind of dessert. A decadent plate of 2 petite cakes filled with the most delightful lava that is simply perfect because it was lightly tangy. A perfect combination with the sweet cake!
Petite but satisfying!
For the sweet tooth folks!
Schokoladen Mousse ~ White Chocolate Mousse with forest berry sauce 
Boyrische Creme ~ Bavarian Vanilla Cream with Chocolate Sauce and almonds. 
Like what you see? Craving for meat and bier? Then head over to Brotzeit:
• Sunway Pyramid
OB K4 Oasis
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
T: +603 5638 5516 / 7

• Mid Valley
Ground External Floor
Mid Valley Megamall
T: +603 2287 5516