Random Musings: Friday April 13

I entered this world on Friday 13. So what happened exactly 39 years later? This post tells the story...

The alarm rings and I had barely slept enough since it was a few days of pre celebrations... Doesn't help that I am extra sleepy since I am married to a snorer. Hubster snores real bad that even our furkid Shalom jumps up on our bed to wake him up so he stops snoring. Reckon the furkid can't sleep with his snoring too. Well. this mummy too. And it not wonder why I return to Destination Crazy Tired so often (read more here)
poor kiddo has to don her sunnies to hide her eyebags from her lack of sleep 
thanx to a snoring daddy.
Sleepy and groggy, I head off to Ikea to learn more about our sleeping habits. A much needed one but I was super groggy. And I told myself, a coffee should help me for a few hours...Arrived and saw my neighbour Vernie making a dino face (I call that dino face because I have a few dinosaurs with that expression) sipping his coffee. Where's my coffee?
I didn't have my coffee but instead I was ushered off for a head and neck massage. Nice...nothing beats a good massage to unstress and unknot the aching muscles.
15 minutes did wonders...and I am ready to listen to what the experts had to say about sleep, beds and more. But first...for some food in the tummy. Its milk and lotsa cookies for the cookie monster in me. These ginger snaps are awesome and crazily addictive. Good to go with coffee or even milk. I had both milk and coffee:D
And the experts come in...
Gordan Wimalasiri, IKEA Specialist, Dr. Michael Chan, Gonstead Chiropractor and Dr. Raymond Tan, Consultant ENT Surgeon, snoring and sleep apnea specialist

Lots of tips and lots of questions answered. But most of all, hubster and I figured out that we needed a new bed. And because we both had different preferences and definitely different size, we had to figure out how do we find the perfect mattress for us to share. It wasn't as tough as I thought. There is this Mattress Guide (available online at Ikea) whom I call the Sleep Wizard in Ikea which works through our preferences, sleeping position, weight etc and would recommend us our best mattress. 
Since we both prefer latex, we opted for the Sultan Elsfjord. Paid the necessary and made the necessary arrangements with Ikea Delivery to deliver our new mattress and dispose off our old mattress. Yes they have that service too. Just inform Home Delivery department when you make your delivery arrangements.
Done with was lunch at Ikea with some buddies. Food and more coffee (see my horrible dependence on coffee thanx to my lack of sleep?) before its time to swing back to office to sign some documents.
This makes a gorgeous birthday cake!
And then its off to dinner. Enough of celebrating with pals and the family...I love you guys but I need some time on my own too. So we head off to Iwate Ramen for some good yummy ramen. The type of ramen that comes with pork broth, runny eggs  and springy noodles all the way to the last bite. Here's a pic...I'll tell you more about Iwate Ramen soon:D
Since I wanted time on my own with hubby, we both went off for a movie. Cant recall what it was...except that we caught a movie. LOL. Thus concludes my Friday 13th April 2012, exactly 39 year from Friday 13th April 1973. Gosh...I am ancient! Mwahaha.

Fo a final laugh...I caught my hubster in bed in the newspaper! Actually I did not catch him first. It was my friends who did it. Well...being caught in bed in the newspapers is OK if you're in bed alone. Not with another woman. Hehehe.

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