Very Atas One!

Dinner couple of weeks ago at Petite Millie was interesting. A dish named Very Atas One caught our eyes. What the heck would a dish be called Very Atas One! and what would it be? 

A pretty hill on a white plate arrives. Thinly sliced beef with fries, caramelised onions, grated cheese and chunks of blue cheese. The whole dish was smelling awesomely good even before it reached me. Frankly the description in the menu mentioned blue cheese crumbs but when it arrived, its not crumbs! Its a generous chunks of blue cheese. I am not complaining. deep inside my stomach was smiling...glorious blue cheese.
The art of eating is to mix them all up. It doesn't look good anymore but who cares? The smell just got better. I take my first bite. Luscious tender beef with a rich gravy made extra flavourful with the grated Cheddar and blue cheese that has melted (love the fact that Petite Millie served this in a plate that was hot). The shimeji mushrooms went well with the whole works (giving me new ideas to cook with this mushroom soon).  I didn't intend to touch all the fries but I somehow fell to temptation and ate all up:D
I was told that this Very Atas One! is meant for sharing. Hmmmm I can happily have the whole serving to myself...
Not sharing...
and I am not sorry:P
Just a interesting as Very Atas One! is a drink named Monkey in the Tropics. Ordered this since hubby was dining with me and it has been our ritual to order anything that has the word monkey in it (so long as they don't serve us monkeys!) A beautiful blend of banana and mango in a creamy milky smoothie! Lovely and refreshing. Personally I would love it to have more mango (one of my fave fruits).
This makes a good post workout recovery food for the fitness buffs!
Watch for the second instalment of Petite Millie next week. Meanwhile if you're in One Utama, this is a place for you to check out.
Petite Millie
Lot LG146
Ground Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama
T: +603 7732 0395
#Landmark opposite Pasta Zanmai