Amazing Spider-Man

I waited rather anxiously for the Amazing Spider-Man. Afterall 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of Spider-Man. I remember this classic Marvel comic book character from my comic days and of couse the cartoons that I watched on TV. 

This round, we run through the early days of Peter Parker. The Amazing Spider-Man takes us through Peter's early memories of his parents Richard and Mary Parker who left him under the care of Uncle Ben and Aunty May. Fast forward and we see Peter Parker, a brilliant photographer and quite a scientist (like his Dad). 

Peter discovers a mysterious briefcase that belonged to his father, he begins a quest to understand his parents’ disappearance – leading him directly to Oscorp and the lab of Dr. Curt Connors, his father’s former partner. His life as Spider-Man begins when he is bitten by a spider at Oscorp. He also is responsible for the Dr Connors’ alter-ego The Lizard when he helps "perfect" the formulation. 

In between his adventures as Spider-Man and his life as curious teenager, Peter meets his first love Gwen Stacy. Casting eye candies Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man) and Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) was a good move as these 2 had good on screen chemistry. I am not quite sure how the ratings are for this movie but parents, the kissing scenes aren't quite kids friendly:P
Andrew Garfied as Peter Parker (Spider-man)
Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy
Honestly, I loved the movie as it throws light into Spider-Man's early days and childhood. Of course cinematography and the costumes were brilliant. The details that went into Spider-Man's costume was detailed and made the best of 3D filming. Equally intriguing was The Lizard's skin and Dr Connor's arm. 
It is nice for a great change that we have a super hero who is also humanly human. There is a scene when Spider-man is injured and he actually struggles with his flying acts. 

The Amazing Spider-Man was shot in 3D and as such details into Spider-Man's costume is worth mentioning. Shadows were created on the costume to enhance the 3D feel. Interestingly, lenses for Spider-Man’s mask were made by a manufacturing company that creates sunglass lenses for the military and for NASA. Coated to reduce reflection, the lenses feature a blue-tinted optical lens with a gold hexagon mirrored pattern printed on top.

The web shooter is Peter's creation. This scene offers you a sneak peak into his the scientist character. Embedding it into a watch is such a cool thing and it certainly made lots of sense as he does not want to seen obviously with gadget. Certainly containing it within a watch made sense though, who walks around with 2 watches? Hehehe.
However, all those aside, I will rate the  movie rather reluctantly at 7/10. In giving the movie a contemporary feel e.g. Peter Parker uses a mobile phone, strangely he is unable to call for the ambulance when Uncle Ben is shot. Instead he shouts for assistance to call for the ambulance. Hmmmm...where did his phone go?

Movie started brilliantly with a 3D scene in the kitchen. And of course with that, I was under the impression that the movie will contain a whole lot of 3D scenes. Obviously I was disappointed. While the 3D scenes were good, I wished it was more "obvious". After all, it was shot in 3D.

Conclusion, I pretty much will not be catching this movie again in the cinema unlike what I did for Brave and John Carter. Still, its definitely worth watching if you are a Spider-Man fan or has grown up reading Marvel comics:D 
The Amazing Spider-Man open in in 5th July 2012 in 3D and  IMAX® 3D.
Oh! Stay on for the credits:P

Freebies for Champions

Its not easy to be a Champion. Most days and for most people, it involves lots of serious training. And when we train, we obviously need to eat. And yes we need to eat quite a bit and nutritiously.

My hero Macho Kai trained hard as you saw from last week's video. Here's a peak at how Harry Kok trains. 
And I bet that at the rate he trains, Harry Kok will eat like a Champion should with the correct nutrients from all the food categories. And if he isn't...well at least I am eating like a champion. I kid you not...the picture isn't me posing for fun. That amount of food seriously went into my tummy. You can check out with the folks at Nando's Mid Valley:D
Its 1 Cataplana, 1 Ceasar Salad and 1 Quarter Chicken (Extra Hot Peri Peri)
Salad is always a must. Eat your vegies:D
My all time fave Cataplana which I hope makes it to the regular menu soon.
 Quarter chicken with 2 sidelines
Ice lemon tea to ease the fire:D
Now if you train like a Champion or for that matter eat like a Champion, then the folks at Nando's Malaysia and I are going to give away 1 Peri Platter (for 4 persons) worth RM62. To know what a Peri Platter looks like, hop over here.

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#I'll then select the winner randomly using Random Org

BTW...last week's winner is Arthur Wee also known as Suituapui! Congras!

Zest for Life at ZEST Café

What do we want out of our food? Some say taste. Some say fill the tummy. Some say its to provide us energy. What's your thoughts? For me, food has to taste good and most importantly be good for us. And its a good deal when you come across food for the body and soul as I discovered at ZEST Café. Food is generally not heavy in salt or creams yet it scores rather well in flavour. Read on...

While waiting for the rest of our dining partners to arrive, start our dinner with awesome thirst quenchers. Honey Lemon was good especially for those of us fighting the bugs thanx to our current hazy weather. I loved the Cucumber Cooler which was refreshing with simple ingredients of cucumber and lime.
Honey Lemon
Cucumber cooler
As much as I love a good meal of meat, salads and soups are also my kind of meal. Serve me a good salad or soup and I am your customer for keeps:D
A bowl very vibrant looking Pumpkin Soup was my choice for the soup. Rich in pumpkin with lil chunks of pumpkin for those who like a bite. Naturally creamy from the pumpkin itself. I'll score it 9/10 though some of my dining mates found it a tad bland and resorted to adding more salt which 
I felt was unnecessary.
The Mushroom Soup had a good bite with the finely chopped button mushrooms. As you can see from the colour itself, this is not your regular bowl of heavily creamed mushroom soup. This is real mushroom soup with lots of bite. Add a tad of pepper if you wish:D
A highly recommended salad would be this Zest Salad that many people have raved about. Grilled zucchini, pumpkin and aubergine in balsamic dressing on a bed of coral salad. Topped with pan fried prawns and quite a generous toss of olives to make this a very hearty salad.
The Tubers Bean Kofta isn't exactly a salad but its vegetarian. Mind you this simple and
plain looking dish packs a rich supply of proteins and carbo. Two patties of crushed beans,
potato and carrot served with salad and onion mushroom sauce. Love the tasty sauce and I would
love to have more of it.
If you opt for pasta at ZEST Café, you'll be in for a surprise. This place actually makes their own pasta from scratch! Of course with fresh pastas, it will of course be a tad softer than the dried commercially available pastas. So if you like a healthier option then do ask for the fresh pastas. 
I absolutely adored the Vegetarian Fresh Spaghettini. This is not a boring vegetarian dish. 
Its bursting in flavours with the richness of mushroom, aubergine, zucchini, capsicum and black olives. Of course if you really want more flavour then you can also have it with anchovies which would have been the hubster's choice:P
The hubster is not much of a pesto fan. Surprisingly he did not reject this Prawn Spaghetti in Pesto Sauce. A generous toss of home made pesto with some lovely toasted pine nuts and prawns thrown in makes this a very satisfying meal on its own. 
Seafood Aglio Olio is often one of my regular orders for pastas. Since I love a good spicy take at my aglio olio, we added quite a bit of chilli flakes for the picture above. Absolutely yummy though I actually wouldn't mind more prawns instead of squid.
Fresh lasagna is used in the Aubergine Spinach Lasagna. Its a hearty tomato base with the goodness of aubergine and spinach. I highly recommend this for lasagna lovers!
ZEST Café believes is healthy and tasty food. And you meat lovers, rejoice that that you don't have to be a cow or a vegetarian when you dine here. The meat dishes are delightful too.
The Rosemary Roast Chicken has a very homely touch to it. Hubster mentioned that it tasted similar to what his mum or I make at home:D Aromatic chicken with the goodness of appetizing rosemary. Served with some sauteeed vegetables and potatoes on the side, you can opt to order half a chicken or a whole chicken for sharing.
Not much of a rice fan, I could not resist the Seafood Chicken Paella. Its a good pan of flavourful 
fluffy short grain rice cooked just nice with a whole load of prawns, squid rings, chicken slices, chicken sausage and bell peppers.
The Stewed Beef in Tortilla Wrap is new on the menu. It makes a good option of you want a healthier carbo option and its complete with a good portion of fresh salad.
This Pan Grilled Salmon on potato gratin. It came in such pretty colours and witha  slight smokey smell, its kinda hard to resist this dish. I must add that the salmon was such a delight to bite into. 
Crisp and fragrant while the meat was still nice and juicy.
The Stewed Mutton with Pilav Rice was a mix of a hit and miss with me. I can't quite put my finger to it but perhaps the "curry" powder smell just wasn't my cup of tea. Shannon however was  a very happy girl with this perhaps its just me:P

There's been quite some food in my happy tummy but there's certainly still room for a good
Beef Ribeye. Kitchen will gladly cook it to the doneness you like. Ours came medium rare and
with some butterhead lettuce, sauté asparagus and capsicum. The peppercorn sauce
is yummy and again I wouldn't mind licking the plate clean of the sauce. A slice of bread can
come in handy for 
such a brilliant sauce!
Now I admit its quite a bit of food in my tummy. And the last but of room is space for some dessert and coffee:D We had a little extra treat that night as Shannon brought along some of her famous home made chocolates. 
Pancake with pineapple cocktail compote was almost the perfect dessert. Soft and slightly chewy pancake with a wonderful cinnamon finish. A lil too much pineapple for my personal liking but hubster wasn't complaining since he absolutely adores pineapple.
Shannon's very delish chocolates.
I was stricken with food coma and  the coffee came as a good end to dinner. And also did go
very well with the chocolates.
Unit 1-2, Level 1
1 Ave. 1 
Bangsar South
8 Jln. Kerinchi 
59200 Kuala Lumpur

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Chilling at Chilla Cup

We return to Chilla Cup to check out their new outlet at Setia Walk that opened recently. And in case you think I don't return to Chilla Cup unless invited...then you're wrong. This is one of fave place to chill over pretzels and coffee accompanied with a good book. 
So here's coffee and pretzels:D
A Caffe Latte RM9.50 for the hubster who needs a caffeine wake up for Saturdays. Coffee art simple or
otherwise does much to cheer this being whom I suspect is beginning to be collecting coffee art
in his iPhone these days.
My regular Caramel Macchiato RM11.90 to feed my growing sweet tooth habits:P
Plain pretzel
I love a good snack of a freshly made pretzel. When you hop into Chilla Cup, pretzels are made only upon order. Plain pretzels are at RM5.90 while this Caramel Almond Pretzel is RM7.50. As you can see, my growing sweet tooth for caramel is certainly growing:P
And if one wants to have more bite than just pretzels and coffee, then Chilla Cup has quite a bit to offer to the whole family. Choose from lil bites to heavy meals and match it with your fave beverage.
Caramel Butter Thick Toast RM8.50 is quite a filling snack on its own. I love this with an Americano to balance off the Caramel sweetness and richness of the cream.
Hawaii Tortilla RM12.90 is addictive good and must have if you love the tangy goodness of tomatoes and pineapple with a generous toss of cheese. Topped on a thin and crispy tortilla, its finger and 
plate licking good.
Opt for the Pepperoni Tortillas RM13.90 if you're feeling carnivorous.
Fish and Chips RM16.90 is a safe dish that I feel makes a perfect and yummy meal especially 
when one has kids dining with them. I must confess when left with not knowing what to choose,
 then fish and chips will always be my choice of happy food. Of course it must be served with
 some good ol fashion tartare sauce!
I hear that the Dory fish with Sour Cream Spaghetti RM16.90 is rather popular with diners. 
This should not be a surprise as dory is a simple fish that easy on the palates. At Chilla Cup the dory is  served with a cream based spaghetti. A homely tastiness to it. The pasta did come a wee too soft for my liking but this can be rectified. Just inform the waiter of your spaghetti preference:P
There are a couple of dishes from their monthly menus that have made it onto the regular ala carte menu. The monthly menu is comes with a free drink of Honey Lime / Americano / Gourmet Tea. You may opt to upgrade to a Latte / Cappuccino with a top up of additional RM3. The promotions are available on weekdays from 12noon - 2pm excluding public holidays. Here's a sampler of the June promotions:
Seafood Spaghetti RM14.90 with a drink is definitely a good buy. A generous rich tomato based sauce coats every bit of the prawns, fish and mussels. A good and satisfying meal which I recall eating quite a bit of it during the review. Yes...remember to ask for al dente if you like it firm. I certainly hope to see this on the regular menu soon:D
The Chicken Burger also comes with a drink. It wasn't a hit with me but my lunch dates were happily devouring the burger:D
If you're not a coffee person or prefer something other than coffee, then Chilla Cup's Chilla Blended (ice blended selection) at RM11.50 (regular) or smoothies selection RM12.00 (regular) are good tries. 
Java Chip
Refreshing smoothies ~ strawberries and mango
Chilla Cup Cafe:
• Solaris Mont Kiara
• Subang Avenue
• Quill 7 Sentral
• Setia Walk
Full set of pictures: Chilla Cup at Setia Walk

An Evening of Champagne and Canapes at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

It was an evening of utter indulgence at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur recently as they unveiled their new lobby and renovated rooms. It was a brilliant start for us to kick start our weekend with free flow of champagne, wine, canapes and good company. To the folks at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur...
Cheers to your brand new looks!

The new lobby
Renovated but I am glad that they retained the staircase. Adds a certain refinement and old charms
to the large space that it has on the lobby.
My fave feature is the raindrops lights. They make a perfect setting for wedding pictures:D
A concierge is at place 24/7. I had a chat with the concierge on duty on places of interest
and he certainly has hit it spot on with good recommendations for banana leaf rice 
and batik shopping that even myself a local approves.
Cozy enough to stay on to finish a good book.
I love the new rooms. I woudn't leave my room...except perhaps to eat?

A pretty cocktail aptly named Bejeweled.
Or a red...whichever that tickles your fancy
Lovely Peking duck wraps. So good that we couldn't stop.
Carpaccio of wagyu sirloin

Mei, Zoe and Juliet
 Yeeing and Choulyin
InterContinental Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
PS: I love my new LBD by the folks at Swagdolls. What do you think?