Chilling at Chilla Cup

We return to Chilla Cup to check out their new outlet at Setia Walk that opened recently. And in case you think I don't return to Chilla Cup unless invited...then you're wrong. This is one of fave place to chill over pretzels and coffee accompanied with a good book. 
So here's coffee and pretzels:D
A Caffe Latte RM9.50 for the hubster who needs a caffeine wake up for Saturdays. Coffee art simple or
otherwise does much to cheer this being whom I suspect is beginning to be collecting coffee art
in his iPhone these days.
My regular Caramel Macchiato RM11.90 to feed my growing sweet tooth habits:P
Plain pretzel
I love a good snack of a freshly made pretzel. When you hop into Chilla Cup, pretzels are made only upon order. Plain pretzels are at RM5.90 while this Caramel Almond Pretzel is RM7.50. As you can see, my growing sweet tooth for caramel is certainly growing:P
And if one wants to have more bite than just pretzels and coffee, then Chilla Cup has quite a bit to offer to the whole family. Choose from lil bites to heavy meals and match it with your fave beverage.
Caramel Butter Thick Toast RM8.50 is quite a filling snack on its own. I love this with an Americano to balance off the Caramel sweetness and richness of the cream.
Hawaii Tortilla RM12.90 is addictive good and must have if you love the tangy goodness of tomatoes and pineapple with a generous toss of cheese. Topped on a thin and crispy tortilla, its finger and 
plate licking good.
Opt for the Pepperoni Tortillas RM13.90 if you're feeling carnivorous.
Fish and Chips RM16.90 is a safe dish that I feel makes a perfect and yummy meal especially 
when one has kids dining with them. I must confess when left with not knowing what to choose,
 then fish and chips will always be my choice of happy food. Of course it must be served with
 some good ol fashion tartare sauce!
I hear that the Dory fish with Sour Cream Spaghetti RM16.90 is rather popular with diners. 
This should not be a surprise as dory is a simple fish that easy on the palates. At Chilla Cup the dory is  served with a cream based spaghetti. A homely tastiness to it. The pasta did come a wee too soft for my liking but this can be rectified. Just inform the waiter of your spaghetti preference:P
There are a couple of dishes from their monthly menus that have made it onto the regular ala carte menu. The monthly menu is comes with a free drink of Honey Lime / Americano / Gourmet Tea. You may opt to upgrade to a Latte / Cappuccino with a top up of additional RM3. The promotions are available on weekdays from 12noon - 2pm excluding public holidays. Here's a sampler of the June promotions:
Seafood Spaghetti RM14.90 with a drink is definitely a good buy. A generous rich tomato based sauce coats every bit of the prawns, fish and mussels. A good and satisfying meal which I recall eating quite a bit of it during the review. Yes...remember to ask for al dente if you like it firm. I certainly hope to see this on the regular menu soon:D
The Chicken Burger also comes with a drink. It wasn't a hit with me but my lunch dates were happily devouring the burger:D
If you're not a coffee person or prefer something other than coffee, then Chilla Cup's Chilla Blended (ice blended selection) at RM11.50 (regular) or smoothies selection RM12.00 (regular) are good tries. 
Java Chip
Refreshing smoothies ~ strawberries and mango
Chilla Cup Cafe:
• Solaris Mont Kiara
• Subang Avenue
• Quill 7 Sentral
• Setia Walk
Full set of pictures: Chilla Cup at Setia Walk