Freebies for Champions

Its not easy to be a Champion. Most days and for most people, it involves lots of serious training. And when we train, we obviously need to eat. And yes we need to eat quite a bit and nutritiously.

My hero Macho Kai trained hard as you saw from last week's video. Here's a peak at how Harry Kok trains. 
And I bet that at the rate he trains, Harry Kok will eat like a Champion should with the correct nutrients from all the food categories. And if he isn't...well at least I am eating like a champion. I kid you not...the picture isn't me posing for fun. That amount of food seriously went into my tummy. You can check out with the folks at Nando's Mid Valley:D
Its 1 Cataplana, 1 Ceasar Salad and 1 Quarter Chicken (Extra Hot Peri Peri)
Salad is always a must. Eat your vegies:D
My all time fave Cataplana which I hope makes it to the regular menu soon.
 Quarter chicken with 2 sidelines
Ice lemon tea to ease the fire:D
Now if you train like a Champion or for that matter eat like a Champion, then the folks at Nando's Malaysia and I are going to give away 1 Peri Platter (for 4 persons) worth RM62. To know what a Peri Platter looks like, hop over here.

This week, all you need to do is:
• hop over to my newly set up Facebook page Missyblurkit and show me some love:D 
• drop a note here to let me know your ID on Facebook. 
#I'll then select the winner randomly using Random Org

BTW...last week's winner is Arthur Wee also known as Suituapui! Congras!