I Scored a Goal!

Dear Kawan- kawan,

On Sunday I scored a goal. Yeah I did the kaki ayam style and scored a goal against Baci at Nando's We Grill Champions session at Paradigm Mall. Not bad eh...I am not such a klutz after all. 1 goal in 20 seconds isn't the best but I scored!

I've no idea how I managed to score but I was on Macho Kai's team. See how my macho boss trains? How can I disappoint him by not scoring? And I reckon all my team mates feel the same too!
Macho Kai is macho eh?
My team mates! We make good sports Cluckers and awesome cheerleaders too!

And feeling all happy about it, I am giving away 1 Peri Platter (for 4 persons) worth RM62 every week till 13th July 2012 . The weekly platters are thanx to the generous Cluckers at Nando's Malaysia.

This week (till 24th June), all you need to do is:
• hop over to my newly set up Facebook page Missyblurkit and show me some love:D 
• drop a note here to let me know your ID on Facebook. 
#I'll then select the winner randomly using Random Org.

THANX folks.


PS: Just in case you're wondering what's in the Peri Platter? Its 4 pieces of 1/4 chicken, 3 large sidelines, 1 bolo bread with butter and 1 Portugese salad. 
4 pieces of 1/4 chicken. Choose your flavour wisely!
Eat your vegies with the Portugese Salad
Choose 3 large sidelines (there's more to choose from...these are my faves)
Super yummy Bolo Bread with Butter. This is not regular butter but super good herbed butter!