Mezza 9

Nestled in the relatively new Glomac Galleria is cozy Mezza9. The looksfrom the outside can be very misleading. Step in and you'll be pleasantly surprised. I do especially love the warm and dark ambience especially where the bar is.
There is something comforting about onion soup. The bowl of brown liquid may not look appetizing but this is a soup drowning with ample flavours and textures. A tad salty for some but we're looking at a rich flavourful  broth with lots of fragrant onion goodness.
I love creamy mushroom soup with some bite in it. Mezza9's Wild Mushroom soup is one of those good ones that I will recommend.  Only gripe is that I wished they would serve a bigger garlic toast or stick with it coz its so yummy!
Salads has always been one of my must have at all my western meals. Its all about keeping a balanced diet especially when the following dishes are irresistably meaty and carbo loaded. The ceasar salad with added egg and beef bacon is good. I would have preferred pork bacon but beef bacon is a good idea so we can dine with our Muslim pals too.
I preferred the Garden Salad with Balsamic Dressing better. It has lots of olives and cheese in it! This is a happy dieter's salad with lots of greens and flavours.
Nothing beats a good time of tapas with your choice of beer or wines when chatting up with pals for happy hours or just one of the outings. 
Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
Mushroom Bruschetta is a heartier version of their awesome Wild Mushroom Soup. Think bigger bite sizes of earthy soft mushrooms!
Calamari with homemade Tartare Sauce is a good recommendation. Tender pieces of calamari lightly battered is a winner unlike many chewy ones that we normally find. Love it with an ice cold beer.
The champion of all the tapas in mezza 9 would be the Braised Oxtail. Rich, tender and flavourful dish that is awesome with a basket of bread. Nothing was left to waste from the plate at my end. I pretty much wiped it clean.Perhaps this could make it to the main menu as a dish of its own?
There's approximately 17 mains on Mezza 9's menu with something for everyone. Take your pic of meat, fish, pasta, rice, chicken, duck and lamb. 

 An impressive Fusion Seafood Paella bursting in flavours. It is so good that its is bad news for people who hate to carbo load during dinner. I have not had many good paella other than our regular Flamenco in DH and this for a "fusion" is a good recommendation.
Spaghetti Aglio Olio with King Prawns. Flavourful, nothing too oily or salty with generous huge prawns, how could one complain? Impressively it arrived al dente though I will always warn that we should request al dente at the point of ordering at any Malaysian eateries when ordering pasta unless you're dining in a true blue Italian. Bravo to the folks at  Mezza 9 for scoring the pasta right!
Nothing beats the comfort of a plate or in this case a "bowl" of Spaghetti Bolognaise. Every strand is coated with the lovely mince of beef bacon.
Honey and Grain Mustard Glazed Salmon
Mint Marinated Rack of Lamb with Fondant Potato and Roasted Cherry Tomato would be my fave meat for the night. Juicy and yes definitely juicy and tender that my dining mate had no issues eating it despite her braces that she's just started wearing.
Black Angus Rib Eye Served with Mediterranean Vegetables, Roasted Potato for the carnivores! 
What's a meal without dessert? Say hello to the Choc Lava and Profiteroles. Eat them quick though beware that your tongue could be scalded by the hot chocolate lava. So exercise some care and blow your spoonful of the lava goodness before popping into your mouth. 
I love the berries served with the Choc Lava.
 Profiteroles. Half chocolate. Half Vanilla.
Now this you can eat real fast...and seriously eat real fast before it melts.
For a newly opened place, its all nice and good at Mezza 9. Ample parking. A warm ambience. Good food. Good selection of drinks at the bar upstairs...this could well be the next big place in Sri Hartamas. What do you think?
Mezza 9
Glomac Galleria
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
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