Petite Millie

Continuing from the Very Atas One! post,  Petite Millie proves to live up to the standards set by sister Millesime. Its hearty fare prepared in an open kitchen that has your stomach juices working real hard the moment you step in. Of course there will be no smell from the juices, smoothies or milkshakes but this is one busy kitchen so its seriously yummy scents in the air...

Autumn Temptation is my choice. Hubster thought that it was quite an obvious choice based on the ingredients of cinnamon and green apple. The tangy taste of fresh apple with exotic cinnamon is very addictive and a second glass is quite tempting but I wanted to reserve my tummy for the food (and I was told dessert) to come. My dining companion were equally in a healthy mood and opted for Goodness Gracious Its Green (kiwi, soursoup, green tea and yoghurt), Leprechaun's Brew (mocha and Irish cream milkshake) and Monkey in the Tropics. Names are definitely very interesting and kinda cheeky!
I am quite a sucker for soup. It really does not matter whether it is a Chinese soup or Western, I just love the comforting taste and warm feel after a good soup. The Roasted Leek and Potato Veloute is a rich and creamy soup. What makes this soup charmingly unique is the use of smoked fish tartae. Mix it well into the creamy soup for a very satisfying salty slurp. 
The Provencale Root Vegetables and Borlotti Bean served piping hot is my fave. A reminder of minestrone with a rich taste of tomatoes, herbs and garlic. Served with a slice of crouton on the top, this is good to be eaten on its own or let it soften and soak up the goodness of the soup. Hearty and perfect for the slightly wet weather we had during dinner.
The tartines are a must have for bread lovers. Lightly toasted bread drizzled with olive oil and your choice of topping, this a meal perfect for sharing. The One Tartine is nothing overly heavy as we would expect of smoked duck and cold cuts combined together. Perhaps because it was served over a bed of fresh crisp salad?
While kitchen was rolling out our Tarte Flambée, the smell is incredible. Imagine the scent of freshly baked breads! Petite Millie's Tarte Flambée are a must have. Thin crusted with generous toppings, I think they make great nibbles when you are dining or chilling with friends.
 Avocado and Crab... c'est une boone vie. Creamy and nutty flavoured avocado was a perfect pair
with the crab meat. While munching on this, I thought of my lazy crab eating friends.
Enjoy crab meat minus the hassle of peeling!
The Iberian Beef Cecina is such a pretty piece. Looking every bit like a floral arrangement
with vibrant coloured capsicum. The air dried beef loin is nothing dry but rather its bursting with
the taste of robust and smokiness.
One should not visit Petite Millie and not have a try at their poutine. The Poutine Cheek is a comforting dish of beef cheeks braised for 6 hours. The Shimeji mushrooms are soft but gives a wonderful texture to the tender beef and chips. We ate also ate the Very Atas One (read more here) which I prefferred over the Poutine Cheek simply because I love blue cheese as a general rule:P
The White Truffle Oil Fish Pie looks a little like a roti canai! But beneath this roti canai like pie is actual very aromatic and thick gravy of with fish chunks and shiitake mushroom. Unfortunately I still preferred the poutine over this:P
Emilia's Tagliatelle al Duck Ragu is for duck lovers. Double ducky happiness with smoked duck slices and braised mince duck. Which do you eat first? You eat them both in one go with the pasta. Flavourful though I (strangely) thought it would taste better with some freshly ground black pepper. Let me know your thoughts and opinion if you do try this at Petite Millie.
Just when you think we have have turned carnivorous enough, the following is more meat goodness. Bourgoignonne style Beef Bavette is something new to me. Its braised Angus Flank with more shallots and perhaps a tad sweet for my liking since its demi glazed and the use of onions. Still its a strangely comforting meal which the Hubster enjoyed quite a bit.
Petite Millie has interesting weekly specials. On the night we were there for dinner, they served us the Grill Tenderloin with Parmesan Tuille Salad. I absolutely loved the Parmesan Tuille and wouldn't mind more of it to nibble.  A thick piece of grilled tenderloin that is still pink but I would have preferred it slightly more rare. But since we were sharing, this is fine with me.
yet another pretty looking dish.
Nicely pink though I think it could have been a tad juicier.
No matter how full one is, there is always room for dessert. Something like a cow's stomach perhaps? Desserts are great with a cup of tea or coffee. Someone opted for a latte. At 9pm, my coffee urge should be a Decaf and that is really gambling that I am served correctly a decaf and I also need to be tired enough to sleep even after a decaf. Petite Millie scores top points for serving me correctly a decaf! I was asleep by 1130pm when we reached home.
Choose from your choice of desserts. Each comes looking yummy but for me, I loved the fact that each came with an assortment of berries which I think I ate quite a bit that night.
Millie Mascarpone
The Panna Cotta was my fave because of the cinnamon infused berries

Warm Dino’s Granny Smith Apple Crumble with vanilla ice cream
A super delightful Banana Cheesecake by Crossroad Cheesecake which I wanted all to myself  
(I almost did since I pretty much ate half of it:D) 

Petite Millie
Lot LG146
Ground Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama
T: +603 7732 0395
#Landmark opposite Pasta Zanmai
Check out Petite Millie's Happy Tea Time between 3pm to 6pm,
every order of one Tarte Flambée or house Dessert entitled you to a free flow of Freshly Brewed Coffee, Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea.