Recipe: Poached Salmon with Dill and Butter Sauce

As promised, the recipe for the Poached Salmon with Dill and Butter Sauce which I learnt during the SwedeCook Class by organised by IKEA. A simple but pretty much healthy and yummy Swedish dish that anyone can whip out easily:D

• Salmon fillet
• 100ml water
• Lemon
• 1 tsp salt
• 1 tsp black pepper
Lemon and butter dill sauce
• 1g chopped dill
• 10g Dijon mustard
• 150g butter
• 100ml cream
• 1 lemon
• Salt and pepper to taste

• Heat water in sauté pan. Put in a few slices of lemon, pepper, 1 tsp butter and salt.
• When water boils, place salmon fillet and poach between 8 to 10 minutes.
Let water boil gently. There is no need to flip the fish.
Every kitchen needs a timer. Grab this STÄM timer available at IKEA for RM7.90. 
• Remove salmon and strain the stock.

Lemon and butter dill sauce
• Add cream in pot to simmer.
• Add Dijon mustard, butter and dill. Stir till butter is soft.
• Add a little strained stock and season to taste.
You may want to add in some roux to thicken the sauce. 
Roux make lovely thickeners for soups too.
Whisk the sauce for a nice and smooth texture.
Plate salmon and serve with some salad on the side. Pour sauce on salmon. Serve warm.
While you're at it, do try out the Cinnamon Pancake with Honeyed Apple (recipe here). Its equally simple and makes a perfect end to your Swedish dinner.
Full set of pictures available: SwedeCook Class by IKEA at At19Culinary

Roux is rather simple to make and its a brilliant must have in your kitchen if you love cooking Western. Its a versatile ingredient to thicken sauces and soups. To make a basic roux, use equal weights of butter and flour. Butter is preferred for its rich flavour.
• 250g butter
• 250g flour

• Melt butter over medium heat
• Slowly add flour to the butter and whisk constantly. 
• Within 2 to 3 minutes the roux will look like a rough paste. 
• Cook on low flames till it thickens or leave it to sit on a hot pan.
• Store the cooled roux in an air tight container in the fridge up to 2 months.