Something New at Brotzeit

Its back at Brotzeit for the golden goodness of Affensaft and this time around for the new menu that they have added on. I can't deny that I will still love to order my regular faves but heck, one should always try new things to keep life interesting:D
Salads always come first for most of meals. Instead of my regular seafood salad, its Salat mit Schafskäse (Feta Salad). Priced at RM38 (regular) and RM23 (small) this is a good wholesome salad. Absolutely crunchy and flavourful with a generous serving of feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes, I can't see why people won't like a salad:D
Another good healthy offering would be Brotzeitflade Spinat (Spinach Pizza) at RM30. Popeye says that spinach makes you strong and if that does not convince you to eat spinach, then this Spinach Pizza may well change your mind. The goodness of mozzarella cheese and feta cheese with vine ripened tomatoes with button mushroom goes perfectly with the baby spinach. 
Brotzeit’s Pork Cordon Bleu (RM38) is a different take at the usual chicken that we see. Lightly breaded escalope of pork stuffed with leg ham and melted cheese is satisfyingly juicy and creamy. I will not share this porky goodness so please order your own!
looks normal...
this is why i am not sharing it with anyone!
The Schweinebraten (Pork Roast) is quite a comfort dish of roasted pork collar slices in a creamy gravy with bacon wrapped beans and napkin dumplings. The pork slices are tender and ges uttery well with the rich gravy. The bacon wrapped beans are so delightful and I wonder if Brotzeit would consider adding them to their menu on its own.
Pork neck slices
 Yummy bacon wrapped beans are addictively good. The napkin dumplings are wonderful
with the gravy.
Don't want pork then the Rindersteak (Striploin Steak) at RM52 is for you. Served with garden vegetables on the side and potatoes of your choice, you may want to ask for extra sauce. Brotzeit is generous with the sauce but the mushroom peppercorn sauce is so good that I ended up dipping even the vegetables into it.
go moo instead of oink.
 wedges make good company for beer.
Bavarian Style Pork Ribs is a finger licking good. Choose either original or honey (RM55 – half, RM89 – full). Marinated with Brotzeit's secret spices and cooked to perfection, this is a meal on its own  since its served with sauerkraut and potato salad. 
The usual works...dessert. No matter how full, there is always room for desssert. I was glad to see the White Chocolate Lava Cake (RM20). Crisp on the outside while the fillings were rich and smooth. The best of all, it wasn't overly sweet.
Apfelküchle (Apple Fritters) was hubster's all time fave. Crisp apples with the richness of cinnamon served with Vanilla ice cream in a lil cup. No wonder its the boy's fave:P Actually, this is also one of my fave desserts from Brotzeit. 
 Brotzeit ~ its not just pork that rocks this place!
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