Sunday Splash with 360 Celcius

With this crazy hot spell, a splash in the pool in simply the best solution. And so the story unfolds on a random Sunday at The Pool with a bunch of happy people, a very sunny sky, a pretty pool, gorgeous people and a bikini show all pieced together by the folks at 360 Celsius.

Here's a peek of the Sunday Splash fun...
a peak from the top
very inviting pool
i was tempted to burst the balloons:D
happy drinks. on the table and in the pool
better nibble a little before drinking:D
vodka on a Saturday afternoon is perfect.
 Cameras and happy people
Gorgeous boys:D
 The boys in quite a hurry to jump in the pool.
 merry folks...I see me!
 Cheers to a good time at the pool!
 She's the fastest at grabbing the bikini.
 The band
The DJ
 More nibbles...
The bartender:D
Beautiful people
Look who's here?
More beautiful people
Bikini show after a wait...and here's the bikini shots and some other humanoids:P
The bikinis!
 Very happy boys!
Even guests are in bikinis!
Here's a video by the 360 TV folks that captured more than I did.

In case you're wondering who is 360 Celsius? Say "hello" to 360 Celsius. A lifestyle media platform which includes 360 Celsius magazine and 360 TV. It does not stand alone doing that since 360 Celsius integrates events, 360 Celsius magazine, 360 TV and the web to create layers of experience for brands and the community.

And how have you been spending your hot Sundays?
My full set of pictures are on my FB page: