SwedeCook Class by IKEA at At19Culinary

Cooking up a Swedish meal isn't all that tough as I have always thought. THANX to IKEA who pieces together a SwedeCook Class with the AT19Culinary folks and Chef Khai, we survived cooking ourselves a Swedish dinner and enjoying every morsel of it.
At19Culinary ~ love the bright and airy kitchen. See the IKEA utensils?
Now you know how I cook in the kitchen:D Left hand ladle and right hand camera.
Picture made possible thanx to David of
Class started at 7pm as within 2 hours we feasted ourselves on:
• Jansson's Temptations
• Poached fillets of salmon with dill and butter sauce
• Cinnamon pancake with honey apple
I'll be sharing dessert first today as I intend to replicate the 1st two dishes at home with some modification to the recipe...of course I will share it with you then. Meanwhile here's the Cinnamon Pancake with Honeyed Apple.

• 100g pancake mix
• 1 tsp ground cinnamon
• Vanilla ice cream or whipping cream
• Icing sugar (optional)
• 6 Medium sized apples (green or red or even a mix of green and red)
• 2 tbsp butter
• 2 tbsp honey
• 1 tbsp lemon juice 

• Whisk pancake mix as instructed on the packet. 
• Add ground cinnamon and leave batter to stand in the fridge for 30 minutes or so. Add more water if you wish to make crêpe (the batter for crêpe should be more watery compared to pancake batters.)
This STÄM timer available at IKEA for RM7.90. This comes in handy for you to know your sitting
or cooking time.
• De core the apples and slice them.
• Melt a little butter in pan. Add in apples.
• Stir in cinnamon, honey and lemon juice. Cook on low flame so that apples do not break.
• Prepare pancake /  crêpe in sauté pan.
• Place it on a plate and add on honeyed apples before folding them over.
• Sprinkle icing sugar to decorate. Serve with ice cream of whipped cream.
ice cream went MIA in this picture
And if you want to have a go at the SwedeCook Class at At19Culinary courtesy of IKEA, its not too  late to win yourself one! All you need to do is hop over to IKEA's Pretty Smart Kitchen and submit your picture that depicts what you believe to be a PRETTY, SMART, GOOD and HAPPY kitchen or dining scene of you or your family. Here's a link to some of the pictures submitted. Hurry! Contest closes 14 June 2012.
Some of the lovely pics I liked:D
Hubby and wife both love maki and decided to make some on their own.
Lil master chef in action
An apple pie story
This is perfect for the current footie season!

Full set of pictures available: SwedeCook Class by IKEA at At19Culinary