Zest for Life at ZEST Café

What do we want out of our food? Some say taste. Some say fill the tummy. Some say its to provide us energy. What's your thoughts? For me, food has to taste good and most importantly be good for us. And its a good deal when you come across food for the body and soul as I discovered at ZEST Café. Food is generally not heavy in salt or creams yet it scores rather well in flavour. Read on...

While waiting for the rest of our dining partners to arrive, start our dinner with awesome thirst quenchers. Honey Lemon was good especially for those of us fighting the bugs thanx to our current hazy weather. I loved the Cucumber Cooler which was refreshing with simple ingredients of cucumber and lime.
Honey Lemon
Cucumber cooler
As much as I love a good meal of meat, salads and soups are also my kind of meal. Serve me a good salad or soup and I am your customer for keeps:D
A bowl very vibrant looking Pumpkin Soup was my choice for the soup. Rich in pumpkin with lil chunks of pumpkin for those who like a bite. Naturally creamy from the pumpkin itself. I'll score it 9/10 though some of my dining mates found it a tad bland and resorted to adding more salt which 
I felt was unnecessary.
The Mushroom Soup had a good bite with the finely chopped button mushrooms. As you can see from the colour itself, this is not your regular bowl of heavily creamed mushroom soup. This is real mushroom soup with lots of bite. Add a tad of pepper if you wish:D
A highly recommended salad would be this Zest Salad that many people have raved about. Grilled zucchini, pumpkin and aubergine in balsamic dressing on a bed of coral salad. Topped with pan fried prawns and quite a generous toss of olives to make this a very hearty salad.
The Tubers Bean Kofta isn't exactly a salad but its vegetarian. Mind you this simple and
plain looking dish packs a rich supply of proteins and carbo. Two patties of crushed beans,
potato and carrot served with salad and onion mushroom sauce. Love the tasty sauce and I would
love to have more of it.
If you opt for pasta at ZEST Café, you'll be in for a surprise. This place actually makes their own pasta from scratch! Of course with fresh pastas, it will of course be a tad softer than the dried commercially available pastas. So if you like a healthier option then do ask for the fresh pastas. 
I absolutely adored the Vegetarian Fresh Spaghettini. This is not a boring vegetarian dish. 
Its bursting in flavours with the richness of mushroom, aubergine, zucchini, capsicum and black olives. Of course if you really want more flavour then you can also have it with anchovies which would have been the hubster's choice:P
The hubster is not much of a pesto fan. Surprisingly he did not reject this Prawn Spaghetti in Pesto Sauce. A generous toss of home made pesto with some lovely toasted pine nuts and prawns thrown in makes this a very satisfying meal on its own. 
Seafood Aglio Olio is often one of my regular orders for pastas. Since I love a good spicy take at my aglio olio, we added quite a bit of chilli flakes for the picture above. Absolutely yummy though I actually wouldn't mind more prawns instead of squid.
Fresh lasagna is used in the Aubergine Spinach Lasagna. Its a hearty tomato base with the goodness of aubergine and spinach. I highly recommend this for lasagna lovers!
ZEST Café believes is healthy and tasty food. And you meat lovers, rejoice that that you don't have to be a cow or a vegetarian when you dine here. The meat dishes are delightful too.
The Rosemary Roast Chicken has a very homely touch to it. Hubster mentioned that it tasted similar to what his mum or I make at home:D Aromatic chicken with the goodness of appetizing rosemary. Served with some sauteeed vegetables and potatoes on the side, you can opt to order half a chicken or a whole chicken for sharing.
Not much of a rice fan, I could not resist the Seafood Chicken Paella. Its a good pan of flavourful 
fluffy short grain rice cooked just nice with a whole load of prawns, squid rings, chicken slices, chicken sausage and bell peppers.
The Stewed Beef in Tortilla Wrap is new on the menu. It makes a good option of you want a healthier carbo option and its complete with a good portion of fresh salad.
This Pan Grilled Salmon on potato gratin. It came in such pretty colours and witha  slight smokey smell, its kinda hard to resist this dish. I must add that the salmon was such a delight to bite into. 
Crisp and fragrant while the meat was still nice and juicy.
The Stewed Mutton with Pilav Rice was a mix of a hit and miss with me. I can't quite put my finger to it but perhaps the "curry" powder smell just wasn't my cup of tea. Shannon however was  a very happy girl with this perhaps its just me:P

There's been quite some food in my happy tummy but there's certainly still room for a good
Beef Ribeye. Kitchen will gladly cook it to the doneness you like. Ours came medium rare and
with some butterhead lettuce, sauté asparagus and capsicum. The peppercorn sauce
is yummy and again I wouldn't mind licking the plate clean of the sauce. A slice of bread can
come in handy for 
such a brilliant sauce!
Now I admit its quite a bit of food in my tummy. And the last but of room is space for some dessert and coffee:D We had a little extra treat that night as Shannon brought along some of her famous home made chocolates. 
Pancake with pineapple cocktail compote was almost the perfect dessert. Soft and slightly chewy pancake with a wonderful cinnamon finish. A lil too much pineapple for my personal liking but hubster wasn't complaining since he absolutely adores pineapple.
Shannon's very delish chocolates.
I was stricken with food coma and  the coffee came as a good end to dinner. And also did go
very well with the chocolates.
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1 Ave. 1 
Bangsar South
8 Jln. Kerinchi 
59200 Kuala Lumpur

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