Buy Me a Diamond Ring

Would you do anything for me? Buy a big diamond ring for me? Would you get down on your knees for me? Pop the pretty question right now baby. 
Check out one of my fave songs in my staircase playlist by Welsh singer songwriter Marina Lambrini Diamonds from her second album Electra Heart. Two versions for you to choose. The upbeat dance or the acoustics. She sounds just as brilliant in both. A mix of Kesha, Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse and Adele rolled into one.
I call this the "atas" versions
And the acoustic

Primadonna girl, yeah 
All I ever wanted was the world 
I can't help that I need it all 
The primadonna life, the rise and fall 
You say that I'm kinda difficult 
But it's always someone else's fault 
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe 
You can count on me to misbehave 
Primadonna girl, 

Would you do anything for me? 
Buy a big diamond ring for me? 
Would you get down on your knees for me? 
Pop the pretty question right now baby 
Beauty queen of the silver screen 
I'm living life like I'm in a dream 
I know I've got a big ego 
I really don't know why it's such a big deal, though 
I'm sad to the core, core, core 
Everything is a chore, chore, chore 
When you give I want more, more, more 
I wanna be adored 

Cause I'm a primadonna girl, yeah 
All I ever wanted was the world 
I can't help that I need it all 
The primadonna life, the rise and fall 
You say that I'm kinda difficult 
But it's always someone else's fault 
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe 
You can count on me to misbehave 

Primadonna girl 
Fill the void up with Celluloid 
Take a picture, I'm with the boys 
Get what I want cause I asked for it 
Not because I'm really that deserving of it 
I'm living life like I'm in a play 
In the limelight I want to stay 
Yeah, I know I've got a big ego 
I really don't get why it's such a big deal, though 
Going up, going down, down, down 
Anything for the crown, crown, crown 
With the lights dimming down, down, down 
I spin around 

(Chrous x 2) 
Cause I'm a primadonna girl, yeah 
All I ever wanted was the world 
I can't help that I need it all 
The primadonna life, the rise and fall 
You say that I'm kinda difficult 
But it's always someone else's fault 
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe 
You can count on me to misbehave 

Cause I'm a primadonna girl, yeah 
All I ever wanted was the world 
I can't help that I need it all 
The primadonna life, the rise and fall 
You say that I'm kinda difficult 
But it's always someone else's fault 
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe 
You can count on me to misbehave 
Primadonna girl
Diamond pic taken from

Tokyo Fashion Fiesta

Spent the previous Saturday a wee differently from the usual. It was a Fashionista Saturday with the day spent on some retail therapy before I return to work after a month off. The afternoon went on with the fashion show Tokyo Fashion Fiesta pieced together to celebrate Tokyo Street's 1st Anniversary.

The highlight for this fashion walk was the labels were all from Japan. And perhaps the highlight for many was to catch fashionista and style icon Ena Matsumoto herself in person. Ena is the fashion producer behind internationally known brand EMODA. A model herself, Ena presented the latest in designs, colors, trends and more fashion tips. can grab Ena's designs at

Some pics from the day's fashion show included many of Tokyo’s popular fashion labels such as EMODA, DipDrops, Rosebullet, LOWRYS Farm, Heather, Takakurazome and Kyoto Montsuki. And let the pics speak:
Love the play of scarve to this casual tee assembles
A touch of girly grunge
Denim and dresses go well together
I want the bag!
Casual chic for work
American style with a knitted hat

And for those who have always been buying Japanese fashion magazines and not really understanding what's written in it, VIVI is now in Malaysia and written in English. For RM10, this is a good buy with interesting reads and shares. For those who enjoy following Cheesie and Joyce Wong for their fashion sense, check the 2 girls out in the July issue:P

Full set of pics on my Missyblurkit facebook page: Tokyo Fashion Fiesta

Ramadhan Buffet @ The Food Tree

I kinda scratched my head when the Ramadhan invitation for The Food Tree Restaurant came around. I've been around Glenmarie rather often and more often than not the complain is I can't find food when I am hungry. And when we arrived at The Food Tree, I was in for a pleasant surprise. This was quite a large outlet and it was comfortable with air con! And the food? Read on...

This Ramadhan, The Food Tree Restaurant will be showcasing the best Aneka Bazaar Ramadhan 2012 with a selection of food from the restaurants and chefs under OWG’s umbrella. For the uninitiated, The Food Tree is part of the Only World Group (OWG) umbrella that also includes restaurants Only Mee and Shanghai 10.

A sneak peak at what you can expect:
Some chips to nibble on while chatting with pals and family.
Extremely refreshing drinks. Jumbo herbs and Honey Cucumber (RM8.90 from the ala carte menu). They come in real handy especially after a day of fasting. The honey cucumber was refreshing with the freshness of cucumber and zesty lemon sweetened with fragrant honey.
An assortment of fresh Ulam
A selection of dips and sauces that went well with the ulam and also the grilled fish and meats.
Ikan bakar or grilled fish
I was glad to see the Ayam Percik as I had strangely not seen this lovely dish in many of the other Ramadhan reviews that I have attended.
Chicken tandoori
Kerabu Pucuk Paku
A very juicy Kerabu Taugeh dan Kerang
Siput Sedut Masak Cili Api is addictively good!
Sup Tulang
One of the main favourites for the night was the Singapore Chilly Crab.
A lil spicy. A lil sweet. A lil savoury.
Middle Eastern styled Lamb Kabsa is a lil similar to briyani with tender lamb to go with the 
fragrant spiced rice.
Get ready to carbo load with the Ikan Masak Assam Kari
Chinese dim sum which includes Siu Mai...variety is the spice of life and The Food Tree showcases Shanghai 10 with its selection of dim sum.
Chicken pau
Avocado kataifi. 
Xiao Long Bao with chicken filling accompanied with a comforting chicken broth.
Durian puffs? Yes its durian puffs made with D24 durians for a rich creamy finish. This is available from the ala carte menu.
Ais kacang is good anytime and anywhere.
Mango pudding with ice cream. This is a must try!

And since Mooncake celebrations is round the corner, we savoured the mooncakes too! 
Teochew style mooncake with swirl pastry and a smooth creamy yam filling. This is certainly one of my highlights for the night since the filling was fragrantly yam and not overly sweet!
Snow skin mooncakes. 

What we had was only a sneak peak. Swing on over and be mesmerized by the food action indoor and outdoors. The Food Tree Restaurant will be rotating the menu daily.
The Food Tree Restaurant @ OWG Aneka Bazaar Ramadhan 2012
• No. 10, Pelukis U1/46
  Section U1
  Temasya Industrial Park
  40150 Shah Alam
• T: +603 5566 8000
• 23rd July to 17th August 2012
• 6pm to 9.30pm
• RM78.90 Nett (Adult) 
• RM39.45 Nett (Children age 5-12 years old and senior citizen above 60 years old)
• Kids below 4 years old dine in for FREE.
Price includes Government Tax and Service Tax

Full set of pictures available at Missyblurkit FB page: Ramadhan at The Food Tree


McDonald’s McCafé finally opens in Malaysia. It promises a premium coffee experience at great value. Something along the happy moments and value that we get from McDonald's from the last 30 years they have been in Malaysia.

With prices starting from RM4.50 for a cappuccino or latte, I reckon that the coffee culture that struck Malaysians will now be seen at McDonald's too. And for myself, this is a blessing as I no longer have to contend myself with running around to get my coffee fix especially when my yumcha or 7am pre drive briefings are held in McDonald's. For now, McCafé operates between 7am to 12 midnight daily.
sleepy faces at our 7am briefing session before our 15 hours drive up to Phuket 
There's pretty much something for everyone since McCafé offers cappuccino, latte, iced mocha and frappe. And for the fussier folks, you may be glad to know that McCafé uses 100% quality Arabica beans. As for those who don't take coffee...fret not since there is premium tea and hot chocolate on the menu too.
My first session at McCafé which opened its maiden outlet in McDonald's Kota Damansara (more outlets opening soon) some weeks back proved to be good. It will see us being regular faces (and I think its going to be this Sunday when we assemble for yet another random drive. Not sure where the drive will take us but read on a little on our previous random drives:

Back to McCafé, I had my regular Flat White for RM5.50 (medium). Nice and creamy with a good coffee kick to it, it was certainly a comforting drink for me. 
And if you opt for the cappuccino RM5.50 (medium) which is quite a pretty cuppa with the cocoa dusted froth and the alphabet M. Being rather fussy with the frothing of the milk, I have to say that I am all pleased to see that the frothing was done correctly with a thermometer for the Barista to monitor the correct temperature for the milk. And since it was done correctly, I didn't have to witness the Barista scooping out the froth to top onto the cup of cappuccino unlike some coffee chains in town.
I say the M stands for Magnificent McCafé:D
The maximum temperature to froth the milk to is 75 degrees Celcius.
Since the weather has been rather warm, a cold Mocha Frappé RM7.50 (medium) is a must have. A rich coffee taste laced with chocolate topped with lots of cream was yet another comforting drink for us.
And how could a girl resist a Double Chocolate Chip Muffin? Moist and fluffy with some yummy chocolate chips to bite into...I am not complaining about the midnight calories that I was putting into my body. At RM5.90 it was quite a big muffin.
For more updates on new branches of McCafé opening up:


Selera Kampung Bersama Jaafar Onn

Breaking fast at Checkers Cafe in Dorsett Regency Hotel is guaranteed to be fun and satisfying. This Ramadhan savour authentic Malay cuisine while being entertained by Celebrity Chef Jaafar Onn and singer Haiza every night. The menu is guaranteed to be interesting and exciting as the menu will be changed daily!

Tokyo Street Week Long Birthday Bash

Tokyo Street in Pavilion KL kick started its 1st birthday bash with week long treats that is guaranteed to thrill all J fans. Hatsu Tanjo 初誕生 or First Birthday celebrations for this only Japanese-themed retail precinct in Southeast Asia will last for an entire week from today till 29 July 2012.
And last night I joined the many J fans and community as Tokyo Street celebrated its first anniversary in a roaring style by Wadaiko Syo followed by the traditional breaking of a sake barrel. The highlight of the night was of course Miyavi!
drums by Wadaiko Syo
Traditional breaking of a sake barrel
And of course kanpai かんぱい! I'm all decked in a yukata ゆかた for the toast:D
A lovely strawberry green tea cake by En Ginza which wasn't sweet which
I happily ate my second slice:D
Miyavi swooned us with his performance
Having seen and followed Miyavi quite a bit, seeing him in person and technically sitting smack behind him during the celebrations was simply amazing! Here's more of his pics and one of my fave tracks by this uber talented cutie!
Miyavi in his trademark sunnies
Without the sunnies and check out the tattoos:D
Miyavi What's My Name
(does he remind you of Jimi Hendrix?
The other highlights of the week long celebrations include Tokyo Fashion Fiesta featuring Japanese fashion leader Ena Matsumoto, popular labels EMODA, Kyoto Montsuki Takakurazome, Dip Drops, Rosebullet, Heather and Lowrys Farm. There are also Summer Festival booths which will feature Japanese cake brand Hiyoko, Japanese fashion and Japanese games. 
And if you're a fan of Ena Matsumoto, make sure you hop over to Pavilion and shop. You may well be one of the 10 lucky fans to win gifts from the style icon’s very own clothing line, EMODA.
There is something for everyone at the Tokyo Street First Anniversary celebrations. The first 200 shoppers to appear in a Yukata or any other Japanese costume will also receive some tea time vouchers from En Ginza.
On top of all the festivities, shoppers can indulge in the following activities:
• a dynamic visual feast introducing the Japanese star festival Tanabata 
• get involved in the well-wishing tradition Senba Zuru – the thousand origami cranes. Shoppers can learn origami, the Japanese art of paper folding
• indulge in a shopping spree of lifestyle promotions or Japanese snacks, food and beverage discounts • participate in the Fukubiki Japanese lucky draw and stand a chance to take home over 1,000 attractive prizes worth over RM50,000.

Other activities include:
• Traditional Koto and Shakuhachi Japanese Music Performance 23 July 7pm @ Centre Court Pavilion  KL
• Japanese Drum Performance by Wadaiko Syo 23 July 8pm @ Centre Court Pavilion KL
• J-pop Performance 23-29 July @ Centre Court and Tokyo Street Event Hall

For a complete list of activities or more information do contact Pavilion KL
• Concierge at +603 2118 8833