A bluutiful Experience

Most women would want to look youthful and beautiful. Some are naturally born with good genes and age gracefully. Some require help.

Recently bluunis organised a lil afternoon event which I'll call it a girly afternoon get together. It kicked off with the jiving beats of a live jazz band followed by some beauty secret sharings by celebrity model Carla Soong and three bluunis ambassadors. 

The tips were simple but certainly made sense that many of us to not adhere to. Drink more water, rest well, exercise, sleep early and of course seek bluunis' help. bluunis offers aid to all women with its “new brownaissance” eyebrow embroidery services, facial, anti-aging and body treatment that stays true to the brand origin and encapsulates the spirit and ethos of the modern women.
Its hard to believe but someone in there is actually in her 50's! Make a guess who she is:D
Everyone went home happy with their door gifts of face masks. Some of us had a sneak peak of how we would look with "perfect" eyebrows that the bluunis's consultants drew for us. And some went home super happy with their lucky draw prizes worth RM1,888! 
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