Delicious Korean Secrets

I am a Korean fan. K fashion. K dramas. K movies. K music and definitely K food. Serena Brasserie at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur is currently running a Korean Promotion until 15 July 2012. Its a buffet and this only means I get to try a little bit of everything which does not really apply to me if its Korean food coz I try a lot of everything!

Let your mind not just settle of mediocre Korean food. InterContinental KL in collaboration with Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporationhave flown in three Korean chefs Kim Jae Sun, Hyun Soon Ahn and Jun-Young Heo from Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas and InterContinental Seoul Coex. 
As for ingredients, with the number of Koreans living in Malaysia, we were told that all ingredients are readily available in Malaysia. And the verdict is authentic Korean food that my Korean pals Hwang with his girlfriend actually checked out the buffet a few days after I did and their verdict was 맛있어요 (Mah Sit Sso Yo - pronounced as "Ma Sit Say Yo")
I absolutely adore Korean food especially kimchi which I keep a jar in the fridge that I can happily mix it with my pasta or throw in some rice and meat and I have my bibimbap:D 
Mini Bibimbap
as opposed to a full sized Bibimbap which will leave you too full to check out the rest of the other Korean offerings.
Gimbap ~ Korean handroll
Japchea ~ stir fried potato noodles with fresh vegetables
Haemul Jjim ~ steamed assorted seafood
Fluffy Kimchi fried rice
Samgaetang ~ Ginseng Chicken Soup
Beef Bulgolgi
One of my faves of the night is the Yukjo ~Korean Beef Tartare that simply melts in your mouth. 
I must say that I actually enjoyed the Yukjo that came with a dollop of egg yolk. It was smoother!
I love the fact that some dishes were prepared smack before your eyes. These Seogalbigui ~ Marinated Grilled Beef Ribs were finger licking good and absolutely juicy in every bite.
Whenever I see the  Doenjang Jiggae ~ Bean Paste Soup, I must order it. This time around since i tsbuffet, I obviously had quite a few bowls of it. Creamy and spicy with lots of flavourful vegetables
and clams, this is one of my fave soups. I do remember this soup quite fondly when a friend's mum cooked this after we have had too much Soju and Mak Geol Li during our winter grill:D
Have fun making yourself a piping pot bowl of Korean Noodle Soup.
A very yummy Sujeonggwa ~ Cinnamon punch which is absolutely delish with a rich taste of persimmon, cinnamon and ginger. 
Traditional hand made Rice Crackers. These days you can only get commercially made ones. But this time around, the Hangwa are actually handmade. Slightly sweet, they make a good end to the Korean meal that we had.

I was pleasantly surprised when we were ushered in with 3 very lovely welcome drinks. The rice wines are traditional fares. The Raspberry wine is something new to the Korean culture. It was introduced overseas and over time, even local Koreans in Korea have fallen in love with it.
The sweet and very easy Bokbunjaju ~ Raspberry wine has been one of our staples for our afternoon pool parties. It makes a good alternative to fuzzy Lambrusco.
My all time fave Makgeolli ~ milky rice wine. Sweet and absolutely easy, its a good drink with Koreanagrills if you prefer something easier than Soju. I love Soju during cold weathers but with our Malaysian weather, Makgeolli is my obvious choice.
Apple flavoured Makgeolli

In case you want a variety, well you're in luck. Serena Brasserie is also serving their regular buffet spread. Choose from local, Japanese and I must admit the desserts are quite a delightful lot.
Juicy grilled lamb
The following pics are a collection of some of the yummies that entered my tummy to keep me at 45kg except the desserts which I nibbled from hubster and Joyce's plates. Perhaps to put on weight, I need more desserts?
lots of protein
more protein generally except for the irresistible kimchi fried rice
The meats were really good stuff!
The pancake with some sesame seed on top of it is the very popular Haemul Pajeon ~ green onion and seafood pancake that I only managed to get one piece. Its so popular that you have people 
queueing for it.
Its hard to resist Japanese:D
I need to develop a sweet tooth for desserts!
The Korean feast runs till 15th July 2012. The lunch menu is RM85++ and RM98++ for dinner The weekend high tea is RM75++. 
InterContinental Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

T: +603 2782 6228

And it so happened to be bunny Mei's birthday. That's an tart / pie courtesy of the folks at Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur who also sang her a birthday song. Happy Babeday!
Full sets of pictures on my Facebook Page Missyblurkit: Korean Feast