Farewell Sabrina

Sabrina Yeap, founder of Furry Friends Farm, has passed away today at 2:50p.m. A lady who has always held the animals above herself, she is a lost to to the animal rescue scene. 

The official statement from Furry Friends Farm today:
Dear family and friends of Furry Friends Farm,

We're sad to inform that at 2.50pm today, we lost our beloved founder, Sabrina Yeap, who spent her whole life devoted to saving animals in need and promoting animal rights, and most of all, establishing the Furry Friends Farm.

We will be providing more details on the memorial service and wake in a short while.

Note: Please do not entertain any donation request from any unofficial personnel.

For more information, please contact Myza Nordin @ +60163717692.

May you rest in peace, Sabrina. We miss you.

Meanwhile, stay updated for further updates at Furry Friends Farm's Facebook page: