Happy birthday Tokyo Street

Happy Birthday Tokyo Street!

I was walked through Tokyo Street at Pavilion KL last week. It wasn't my usual shopping walk. THANX to Pavilion KL I had a taste of the series of exciting line-up in store for Tokyo Street’s upcoming first anniversary celebration. Yes...its a year since Tokyo Street opened its doors.
The exclusive walk by Director of Marketing of Pavilion KL Kung Suan Ai brought us through Tokyo Street's offerings. It was almost a walk in Tokyo but without stamping your passport! The exclusive tour showcased the unique and authentic cultural offerings of Tokyo Street, the first-of-its-kind in Southeast Asia, which boasts a dynamic mix of contemporary eccentricity and cultural heritage. Do you know that this unique precinct of Pavilion KL has attracted locals and tourist alike with its enclave of vibrant shops, cafes and restaurants, placing Malaysia on the global map of world tourist destinations?

Kicking off Tokyo Street’s first anniversary celebration, shoppers will enjoy treats at various participating outlets. From food and beverage discounts to getting a portrait in a Yukata or Harajuku costume; taking up the thousand-year tradition of bonsai planting; indulging in cranking the gashapon toy vending machine;  or learning Japanese tea art. There is something that is sure to tickle everyone’s fancy on Tokyo Street. 

Here's a sneak peak of the fun I had. And yes you can enjoy the same fun too. Head on to Tokyo Street this entire month of July!
Coffee art at En Ginza
Director of Marketing Kung Suan Ai all pretty in her pink yukata
Ice cream made from fruits at Kindori
Learn the art of tea making
Mochi Sweets
Kelly with her new love
Porkilicious ramen!
Yuri from Pavilion KL and the chap from Planet Popcorn running us through the yummeh popcorn.
My fave is the green one. Yeah its seaweed flavour!
Hello Kitty galore!
Neighbour Vernon loves the Hello Panda treats. Me too!
i spotted clogs for my yukata!
Neko Vernieman is not for sale:P
I won the Little Twin Stars from cranking the ガシャポン
Lucky draw time!
That's me in my summer cotton yukata ゆかた and my 2 sensei せんせい
My Japanese hero:P

For more information, kindly contact Pavilion KL’s Concierge at 03 2118-8833 or check real-time updates on Facebook @ or Twitter at @Pavilion_KL.

Full sets of pictures on my FB page: Happy Birthday Tokyo Street