Homely SS Spicy

Not much of a rice fan but when I become a super rice fan when I am served with Indian dishes. There is something alluring about the spices and flavours in Indian food. We recently revisited SS Spicy (afetr a lapse of a year), one of our fave places for Indian cooking and I mean homely style (which coincidentally the mum is the chief chef at this place).

No fancy tables or chairs or cutlery. Everything is smack simple. Given the chance, I will always park myself under the big tree to have my meal at SS Spicy. No fork and spoon for me. Its the fun of eating with my hand and somehow I think eating an Indian meal with your hand is yummier. Right?
Its not cut throat pricing here as my following pics will show:D

Round 1: We're back after a year lapse. 
Me ~ Fried chicken, fried fish, bittergourd and mixed vegetables
Hubster ~ Mutton, egg and vegetables
This place serves one of the better brewed coffees around and an equally yummeh Rassam. Coffee is not overly sweet and has a rich coffee taste to it. Perfect drink after some serious carbo loading.
RM27.10...not too bad eh? Missing from picture are limau ais kosong and a can of  Kickapoo

 Round 2 reveals that food is still as good and just as affordable:
Me ~ Fish curry, squid and vegetables. The squid is tender and goes really well with the spicy gravy.
Hubster ~ fried fish, omelette and vegetables
An additional serving of fried bittergourd that just got out of the wok is another must for me.
Must have Rassam! 
Even hubster has now grown fond of Rassam...which means I don't get to "inherit" his serving:(
As usual the brewed coffee is a must even on a Saturday:P
RM23 after they gave us a 10 sen discount:D
SS Spicy
7 and 8 Jalan Akar
Kampung Attap
Kuala Lumpur
#Landmark - its right behind the Chinese Assembly Hall.
Closed on Sunday