McDonald’s McCafé finally opens in Malaysia. It promises a premium coffee experience at great value. Something along the happy moments and value that we get from McDonald's from the last 30 years they have been in Malaysia.

With prices starting from RM4.50 for a cappuccino or latte, I reckon that the coffee culture that struck Malaysians will now be seen at McDonald's too. And for myself, this is a blessing as I no longer have to contend myself with running around to get my coffee fix especially when my yumcha or 7am pre drive briefings are held in McDonald's. For now, McCafé operates between 7am to 12 midnight daily.
sleepy faces at our 7am briefing session before our 15 hours drive up to Phuket 
There's pretty much something for everyone since McCafé offers cappuccino, latte, iced mocha and frappe. And for the fussier folks, you may be glad to know that McCafé uses 100% quality Arabica beans. As for those who don't take coffee...fret not since there is premium tea and hot chocolate on the menu too.
My first session at McCafé which opened its maiden outlet in McDonald's Kota Damansara (more outlets opening soon) some weeks back proved to be good. It will see us being regular faces (and I think its going to be this Sunday when we assemble for yet another random drive. Not sure where the drive will take us but read on a little on our previous random drives:

Back to McCafé, I had my regular Flat White for RM5.50 (medium). Nice and creamy with a good coffee kick to it, it was certainly a comforting drink for me. 
And if you opt for the cappuccino RM5.50 (medium) which is quite a pretty cuppa with the cocoa dusted froth and the alphabet M. Being rather fussy with the frothing of the milk, I have to say that I am all pleased to see that the frothing was done correctly with a thermometer for the Barista to monitor the correct temperature for the milk. And since it was done correctly, I didn't have to witness the Barista scooping out the froth to top onto the cup of cappuccino unlike some coffee chains in town.
I say the M stands for Magnificent McCafé:D
The maximum temperature to froth the milk to is 75 degrees Celcius.
Since the weather has been rather warm, a cold Mocha Frappé RM7.50 (medium) is a must have. A rich coffee taste laced with chocolate topped with lots of cream was yet another comforting drink for us.
And how could a girl resist a Double Chocolate Chip Muffin? Moist and fluffy with some yummy chocolate chips to bite into...I am not complaining about the midnight calories that I was putting into my body. At RM5.90 it was quite a big muffin.
For more updates on new branches of McCafé opening up: