Tokyo Fashion Fiesta

Spent the previous Saturday a wee differently from the usual. It was a Fashionista Saturday with the day spent on some retail therapy before I return to work after a month off. The afternoon went on with the fashion show Tokyo Fashion Fiesta pieced together to celebrate Tokyo Street's 1st Anniversary.

The highlight for this fashion walk was the labels were all from Japan. And perhaps the highlight for many was to catch fashionista and style icon Ena Matsumoto herself in person. Ena is the fashion producer behind internationally known brand EMODA. A model herself, Ena presented the latest in designs, colors, trends and more fashion tips. can grab Ena's designs at

Some pics from the day's fashion show included many of Tokyo’s popular fashion labels such as EMODA, DipDrops, Rosebullet, LOWRYS Farm, Heather, Takakurazome and Kyoto Montsuki. And let the pics speak:
Love the play of scarve to this casual tee assembles
A touch of girly grunge
Denim and dresses go well together
I want the bag!
Casual chic for work
American style with a knitted hat

And for those who have always been buying Japanese fashion magazines and not really understanding what's written in it, VIVI is now in Malaysia and written in English. For RM10, this is a good buy with interesting reads and shares. For those who enjoy following Cheesie and Joyce Wong for their fashion sense, check the 2 girls out in the July issue:P

Full set of pics on my Missyblurkit facebook page: Tokyo Fashion Fiesta