I went to Chiang Mai (sneak peek)

I took a month off from work in July. And the highlight wasn't so much of not working. It was the fun of knowing that I had some trips planned for the month. The funnest and the one that I was looking forward to was my trip to Chiang Mai with my blogger pals. Some of us have known each other for quite some time e.g. Yoga for a good 11 years from our R3 motorsports days, Jason whom I met randomly over an unearthly breakfast meeting, Anna from a late night coffee session....
We tried waking up with some coffee at LCCT...
We met at LCCT at 530a.m. Admittedly quite a few of us did not sleep the night before coz we were either super excited like lil kids going for a school trip or we had too much to do before the 5 days adventure. Here a sneak peak...and if you wanna enjoy Chiang Mai like we did or even check out more aspects of Chiang Mai then you can grab your Air Asia flight that flies to Chiang Mai twice a day.
All pitched dark and my mobile is as blurry as I am at 630a.m. Which is my plane?
We're greeted by Mr Chien our guide who has no idea what a crazy bunch he had just collected:D
How can we live without our data broadband? 
Had one of the best Thai beef noodles since my last visit to Thailand.
Had my fix of the pork sausages that I love so much which in Malaysia I could only get decent ones 
Met huge sleeping wild boars that were probably 10 times my weight >.<
Had lots of Chang!
Ate some common red ants egg...the cream coloured thingy which I thought was tofu or something.
Didn't like the Thai durians.
Had a Thai boyfriend everyday made of bacon and eggs:D
Quails eggs taste really well.
Had lots of yummy tom yam.
Ate pigs brains. Yes...didn't know what it was until we finished our meal:D
Got myself straighthen out over Thai massages
Said hello to a long neck tribe Karen lady. 
And shopped...
Ended up shopping even more thanx to furry sales men.
Part of our loot.
Visited some temples...
Hunted down the entire Chiang Mai for these lovely pork floss sandwich that I went gaga over during my drive to Phuket last year (read more here)
Hello elephants...did I shower them?
Got fired from a paper umbrella factory...
Survived zip lining 40 metres from ground level (easy stuff).
 Loved my 10km stretch of white water rafting
Took lots of silly pics in our van
That's just a snippit of out for the 8 episodes long posts to come:D And if you really want to experience it and then compare notes with your tickets now with Air Asia who flies in to Chiang Mai twice a day!