Paradise Dynasty...More Than Just Xiao Long Bao

I have to start off that food in Paradise Dynasty isn't just limited to the colourful (and rather familiar)  xiao long bao that you would have seen pasted on the many coverage that Paradise Dynasty has received. Overall it was a very good experience that I returned within 2 hours of the lunch review to eat again with the hubster. You must think I am crazy but when food is good, the wormies inside my tummy work extra hard and need more frequent feedings:D
This colourful platter of 8 flavours will be a good start for you to experience all 8 flavours before making a decision on which would you prefer to order in a whole basket of 6 or 10 pieces of xiao long bao. Priced at RM24 for 8 pieces, I find it a good buy that I returned soon 2 hours after the invited review to eat more:D
The 8 flavours:
1: Original (White) ~ A comforting and familiar taste of tender pork in a rich savoury broth.
2: Ginseng (Green) ~ The Ginseng taste was nice and nothing overpowering though I certainly wouldn't mind a slightly stronger taste of Ginseng.
3: Cheese (Yellow) ~ Strangely on all occasions, the cheese was always taken by someone else so I can't comment on the flavour:P
4: Crab Roe (Orange) ~ A beautifully made xiao long bao that fused the crab roe and pork so well that the filling pretty much melts in your mouth.
5: Szechuan (Pink) ~ This has to be my fave of all the flavours. Lightly spicy and its the amazing Szechuan peppercorn that captures your tastebuds numbing it mildly. 
6: Foie Gras (Brown) ~ Luxurious and how can foie gras go wrong?
7: Garlic (Grey) ~ A mild garlic taste but its good enough to scare away vampires.
8: Black Truffle (Black) ~ A light earthy finish to the whole dumpling.
Saving the best for last would be the Szechuan flavour. And please remember to eat this last since it can numb your taste buds momentarily thanx to the peppercorn.
The happy boy and his own basket of 8 xiao long baos and bowl of noodles.
The Chilled Assorted Eggs Loaf in Yang Zhou Style RM12.80 has got to be one of the prettiest dish that afternoon. And it taste just a good as it looks. Served chilled the combination of 3 eggs (salted egg, century egg and chicken egg) compliment each other perfectly well.
The Radish Pastry 3pcs @ RM 7.80 is best eaten hot. A rich phylo like pastry enveloped a savoury and soft radish. Its a perfect East meets West dim sum.
This Drunken Chicken RM16.00 scores rather high score from me. The chicken is tender and every bite reveals an alluring natural sweetness of chicken and chinese rice wine. It was quite an addictive appetizer and certainly got the stomach juices going at full force.
Marinated Jelly Fish with Vinaigrette RM 13.80 was appetizing enough but its just normal like most other eateries.
Enough of using the chopstick, its time to have some fun with our hands. The Sautéed Shredded Pork served with Chinese Flour Crepe RM 20.00 is a little like eating popiah. Mix the mince meat well with the lettuce. Then place some on the crepe. Fold half and pop it into your mouth. Savour the explosion of flavours and textures.
Mix it all nice and well.
Tianchad demonstrates how to enjoy this yummy fun dish.
One dish that I loved quite a bit was the smooth and flavourful Scrambled Egg White with Fish and Dried Scallop RM20.00. Mix the whole dish well and remember that a dash of vinegar does wonders to this dish. A wee like sharks fin minus the guilt and it worked out well for me since I don't eat sharks fin.
Yummy goodness that I gladly not share:D
The Pork Dumpling with Hot Chilli Sauce 6pcs @ RM11.80 is is a good satisfying bite of meat goodness. Each dumpling bears the signature meaty goodness of Paradise Dynasty dumplings. The only gripe perhaps was I wished the Hot Chilli Sauce description seriously meant it was nice and spicy to turn on the fire bells:D
Other than the xiao long baos, the Braised Pork Belly RM26.80 is aptly named one of Paradise Dynasty's signature dish. A brilliant proportion of fat to meat ratio results in a melt in your mouth experience. The rich gravy is quite a waste to be left behind so do order a bowl of rice and eat up the wonderful wine and meaty goodness. 
The bed of spinach underneath is justa s good as the pork belly and gives the whole dish 
a good healthy balance.
The Deep Fried Diced Chicken in Szechuan Style RM20.00 is one fo the best Szechuan style chicken that I have ever had. Every cube of chicken is fragrant with the unique flavour of Szechuan peppercorn and of course will numb your taste buds momentarily. Its awesomely good that it makes a good chit chat dish over tea or alcohol.
And if you need some fillers, then the hand made la mien in Paradise Dyanasty comes in nice and handy! Choose from a whole selection of whether you like it soupy, spicy or dry.
La Mian in Signature Pork Bone Soup served with Pan Fried Chicken Chop RM16.80 is good buy. A bowl of hot la mien goodness with a perfect half egg. Awesome! And equally good is the tender pieces of pan fried chicken chop that makes this dish a complete meal on its own.
The La Mian with Vegetable Pork Wanton in Signature Pork Bone Soup RM15.80. Slurp up all the soupy goodness!
La Mian with Minced Meat and Mushroom Sauce RM15.00 was normal for me. It didn't exactly score any unique brownie points.
This La Mian with Dried Shrimp and Scallion RM12.00 scores high points and we returned for 2 bowls of this after my review. Thinly sliced scallions and dried shrimp envelope each and every strand of the springy la mien. Simplicity at its best!
There must always be dessert after a good meal. And based on my wonderful experiences at Paradise Inn (read my 18 February post here), I expect the desserts here to be just as alluring.
All 3 chilled desserts were equally good but if I have to pick one then my choice would be the Chilled Aloe Vera and Osmanthus Jelly in Honey Lemon Juice RM8.00 which coincidentally I finished up most of it:P. Its a refreshing end to a heavy meal. Next best would be the Chilled Almond Pudding RM6.80 because I love almonds. This is a mild tasting almond dessert and does not have the "cockroach" tast that many dislike with Chinese Almond desserts. The Chilled Mango Pudding RM8.00 is nice but nothing to shout about.
Soufflé Egg White Balls stuffed with Red Bean and Banana 3pcs @ RM8.00 sounds 
and looks like a sugar overload. In reality, this is a light fluffy bun with sweet soft banana. 
The red bean is cooked just right and does not overpower the banana. In fact its a match made in heaven. Remember to eat it while its hot!
Paradise Dynasty has certainly lived up to its reputation of yummy goodness like all its sister companies in Singapore and of course the Paradise Inn in Sunway Pyramid that opened last year. 
Paradise Dynasty
Level One
Paradigm Mall
T: +603 7887 5022

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